Cloth-eez Sherpa Diapers

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Cloth-eez Sherpa Diapers Size Chart
Approx. Weight and Age
Approx. Measurements, Before Washing, inches
Approx Measurements, After Washing, inches
11- 15 lbs
14.25 x 14
13 x 13
15 lbs and up
15.25 x 17
15 x 16

20 lbs and up

15 x 19.5 15 x 18

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To layers of squishy, 100% cotton sherpa knit fabric is optical brightener-free and OEKO-Tex 100 Certified.

Save when ordering in packs of 6

 Our Sherpa Diapers are 100% cotton.  Usually when you find sherpa fabric it is a polyester blend but ours is all cotton.   It is two layers of a thick sherpa knit.  We don't make them in size newborn because it is too thick for a newborn baby. Since it is more dense than prefold fabric it can be hard to get pins through it. If you pin them, keep your pins sharp and lubricate them by poking them into a bar of soap to help them slide through the fabric more easily. These may be best for trifolding or as a night layer under a quick-absorbing Cloth-eez doubler made of prefold fabric.  Because it is dense it acts a lot like hemp acts. It doesn't absorb as quickly as the more open, looser weave of twill prefold fabric, birdseye or muslin, but it is a thirsty fabric.  It is squishy but not as bendy as prefold fabric.  Try the large as a newborn changing pad.  It is fun to try something different for a change.  Write a review and let people know what you think of it and how you use it.

One FREE pair of pins per order is available with purchase of this item when you add the pins to your cart through this Link only.

Please wash several times before first use. Please note that you can use any mainstream laundry detergent on cotton diapers. You do not need to purchase "special for cloth diapers" detergents. We do not sell them and they are not needed on Cloth-eez diapers.  Keep it simple. Use what you would normally use on your regular household laundry. 

Note: The pictures were taken AFTER washing so that you see how they actually look in real life.  Buy in packs of 6 for best value. We also offer then individually in case you want to just try one first to see if you like it.

Cloth-eez Sherpa diaper size smallCloth-eez sherpa diaper size mediumCloth-eez sherpa diaper size largeCloth-eez Sherpa Diapers small diaper on baby pinned small diaper on a cute baby

The small size is comparable to a small yellow edge prefold.

The Medium size bigger and wider than a medium red edge prefold. It is 1 inch shorter than a large brown edge prefold. 

The Large size is very big and is almost as big as an XLarge green edge prefold.


Size Before washing
width x length
 in inches
After washing
Small 14.25 x 14 13 x 13
Medium 15.25 x 17 15 x 16
Large 15 x 19.5 15 x 18

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Laura Zuelich

Sherpa size Large

Barely fits my 22lbs skinny toddler I can hardly get it around him and the snappi keeps falling off. What a mess! They do absorb and are very very soft I love the feel. I use them pad folded in a kite fold now because you can’t snappi them and I don’t want to use pins

Emilee G.
Bellefonte, Pennsylvania

Soft and absorbent

I really like these diapers. They're soft and have a mild give to them. They're slightly larger than the prefolds and we haven't had a leak. They seem to dry more quickly than my prefolds as well. When I need to size up I will buy more.

Raleigh, NC


I bought one of these in size medium to try it out. I like it! I can actually snappi it on my 17.5lb baby, so it is a little larger than the size medium regular prefold that I can't get around her waist. It's very absorbent and we like it! It's not quite as "squishy" as I thought it might be, but it's not rough at all.


Bought these to try as a night time solution.

Bought these to try as a night time solution. Purchased the largest size which is big on our 18lb 6-month old, but works. I like them for absorbency. They are not helping with diaper rash issues, even with the addition a stay dry fleece liner. Will probably go back to pocket diapers for night time as those seem to be the only thing aside from disposable that keep her from a consistent rash.

Columbia, SC

No Complaints Here

I have an unconventional cloth diapering system for my baby because of some errors I made early on with my purchase choices. Fuzzibunz was having a sale and I, a pregnant new mom, took the bait without realizing that their inserts are about as thick as a paper towel. I currently stuff these sub-par pocket diapers with GMD's Cloth-eez prefolds, just to make it through until I can justify buying a better brand of pocket diaper. I decided to try this new sherpa prefold just to see if it would work for us. It does! I have no complaints. Probably the best thing for me about this type of prefold is that it prepped quickly with only a few washes. Two thumbs up!

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