Coverless - clothing as covers - EC

Some wool clothing can work as a substitute for diaper cover. When choosing to go coverless, expect to change baby when wet or very often. When going coverless, you might choose to use a wool blanket or wool swaddle as an underpad. Wrap your cotton diapered young baby in a wool blanket or lay baby on a the wool blanket ad the wool acts like a wool diaper cover. Going coverless is very breathable and comfortable. This works best for young or newborn babies but may also be done at other times.

Wool clothing, such as wool pants, is very much like a diaper cover because the wool clothing item acts just like a wool diaper cover. Disana clothing items are one layer of wool but the Disana Pull-On Covers are two layers of the same wool. Both work but more wool will mean more absorbency and thus wetness protection. With clothing items, a sooner change can be needed but it also depends on how much cotton the diaper underneath it contains. More cotton means more absorbency so the wool doesn't have to work as hard. Another great idea is to use wool pants over your diaper and cover system at nap or nighttime. There are many ways to use and enjoy your lovely wool items.

Learn about washing and see how wool works.

Elimination Communication, (called EC) items from Flappy Nappies are available. Elimination Communication involves noticing and responding to baby’s hygiene cues and needs from as young as from birth, reducing use of diapers.