How To Fold Flat Diapers Tutorial

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There are even more ways to use them than shown here. Sit back and cuddle your baby while watching these ad-free instructionals. 

Yes, flats are GREAT in pocket diapers!

See the new size LARGE Muslin compared

Here are some video tutorials to help you learn some of the various ways to use flat diapers.

Learn how to fold flats in 38 seconds:

Tip from Karen:   The diaper fold can be quick, sloppy and wrinkled and it will still catch the pee, so do not worry about fancy folding techniques. You do not need to know the names of folds. Getting the cotton in the cover somehow is enough.

The easiest way to fold a flat is not to fold it. Try the GMD One-handed Flats Fold! Honestly, this is what I did a lot. It's so easy. It works. Cotton in the cover = it works!

Comparison of the sizes of all the flats.   Two and a half minutes long.


This video below shows the neat fold with Muslin size Newborn flat and one diaper pin, then 2 diaper pins, then a Snappi Fastener and then unfastened with a diaper cover.  Lots of information in this video in just 3 minutes.

Do not worry that one end is thicker than the other.  Choose which end you get the most benefit of the thickness. For runny newborn soaking poop, the thicker part is helpful in the back.  For a boy wetting heavily up front, you might prefer the extra thickness in front. Try it both way and see what suits your baby.

The folds are fun and there are many ways to do it, but it will catch what it is supposed to catch even if you just scrunch it up and get the cotton into the cover any way you can – it will still absorb.

Airplane Fold



Origami Fold


The Neat Fold

The Jo Fold

Kite fold - shorter video


The Kite Fold



The Mini Kite Fold


Pad Fold

The Diaper Bag Fold


Using Doublers with Flats

Size Half Flats

Using a Half Flat for preemies or newborn babies. The same fold ideas work for the small/one-size flats, too.

Muslin Flats in size Newborn are bigger than the Birdseye Flats in Size Half.

This is a Muslin Flat in Size Newborn with one side folded in to make it a square:

newborn muslin flat into a squre From the square, do any fold. Do not worry that one end is thicker than the other.  



Here are some more external links to videos with ideas for newborn folds and more on YouTube.  Please come back though!  

YouTube link to  The Changing Table  (shows how to fold Newborn Muslin Flats)

YouTube link to  Jess is Blessed  (very tiny actual baby model, 26 minutes long but has table of contents to jump to sections)

YouTube link to Jay's Nest  (shown on a stuffed animal but has detailed explanations)

 YouTube link to EC Peesy  (She has newborn baby to model various things including prefolds, Workhorse and more)

Pad Fold, Mini Kite Fold, Neat Fold, Gaynor's Fold for Girls

For fun, a 5 year old doing the Origami Fold for her doll (sorry this old video is very low quality but I still think it's cute).


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