Gift Registries and Wishlists


Green Mountain Diapers (GMD) does not currently have its own gift registry; however we have a number of ways in which you can share your gift ideas with your friends and family.

Online universal gift registries: It is very helpful to the gift purchasers if you have already created an account on our website. That way we have your mailing address in case the gift giver does not. 

Gift Wrapping Service is available for $4.95. Gift Wrapping may delay shipping by one business day.


At GMD you are able to create as many Wishlists as you would like and then share these Wishlists via email or social media easily from our website. Our Wishlist will walk you through the process. You can create as many Wishlists as you’d like, such as a “Family Wishlist” that you share with family, a “Diapers Wishlist” that you share with friends, a "Personal Wishlist" to keep track of what you plan on purchasing yourself, a “Holiday Wishlist” you share with folks who ask what baby Beautiful wants for gifts. You name them and share them as you choose.  Try it out by “sharing” it with yourself to your own email first so that you’ll know how it will look to your friends.

Please note that Wishlists do not act as registries - items are not removed from the list when people purchase them. It is just a gift idea list. You are also not able to enter quantities desired, but you are able to add notes to any item which could specify how many you are thinking you will need. People viewing your Wishlist will be able to see these notes.

The benefit to using the Wishlist feature is that you have the ability to go into your account and change the Wishlists whenever you want;  these updates will show to the people who visit the Wishlist, so if you remove something or add something they will see the most current updated Wishlists. The downside to using the Wishlist feature is that nothing is changed automatically to designate whether or not items have been purchased, as would happen with a registry.


You may put in your Wishlist or Shopping Cart our wonderful GIFT CARDS which people can purchase for you. These are actually electronic gift cards that the purchaser can personalize and send to you electronically in an email.


Many new moms and dads are using universal online registries such as which have the benefit of allowing you to register for all of the items you need for your new baby in one place, from cloth diapers to cribs and strollers. We have found this to be a popular way for our customers to register for their GMD cloth diapering needs. These universal registries allow you to add GMD items to your registry and bring customers directly to our site from your registry.

 If you would like gift purchasers to have the option of asking us to ship directly to you, please make sure you’ve created an account at GMD and entered your shipping address.  Universal registries bring your friends to our site but cannot always provide us with your personal information such as shipping address.


We know there are many places where you could shop for your baby and we so appreciate the loyalty of our customers. As a small family run business with many years of experience in helping cloth diapering families succeed we want you to enjoy the process, from planning and learning to changing and washing. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at