Snappi Fasteners

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How to use a Snappi Fastener with a prefold cloth diaper

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Follow package directions to pre-stretch a brand new Snappi before first use.

newborn prefold new aplix duo 6 weeks old in newborn orange edge prefold

novice green snappi on 3 month old 3 months old in novice light green edge prefold

snappi fastened workhorse snappi fastened Workhorse diaper size medium

snappi diaper close up An older style Cloth-eez Brown Edge from 2008 on a 6 month old 18 pound baby with pastel blue Snappi.   This size is the same as our current size called Intermediate with light blue edges. 


new snappi 5.5 month old 18 pound baby wearing an older style Regular Premium Prefold (blue edge). The front of the prefold is folded down and in towards baby.

snappi diaper fastenerpastel blue Snappi on a 10 month old

newborn snappiOrange Edge newborn prefold on a 10 day old, 7.5 pound baby. 

 Great with prefolds!  Use only with woven fabrics, not knit fabrics.  Be careful with flats. Made of a stretchy polyurethane, they have grippers similar to ace bandage closures (but bent back around, not poking down) which hold the prefold in place without pins. I didn't care for these at first, being a committed pinner, but now I do enjoy them. I still enjoy pinning, but using a Snappi is just a little bit faster, and, I just love the new colors. Those moms who like these, really love them a lot! It's worth a try to see if these work for you. One size fits all. The Snappi® fastener is manufactured from FDA approved raw materials, a polyester based polyurethane. It contains NO latex or any other adulterant, dilutent or modifying polymers. The composition is 100% polyurethane. It is made in South Africa. 

Which size? Most will only ever need size one.

WARNING: Do NOT use a Snappi® on a child who is able to undo it or remove their diaper/diaper cover/clothing.

New feature! The new shape Snappi® fastener now offers an additional SAFETY FEATURE! When the Snappi® fastener is not in use, fold the thin strip at the end of each leg to the back of the Snappi®, and slip over the teeth of the white grip. This acts as a barrier and prevents the sharp teeth from being exposed. NOTE: Keep all Snappi® fasteners out of children’s reach when not in use.

snappi pictureThe snappi grabbers do not poke down. They won't touch baby's skin. The "teeth" point back towards each other to hold onto the fabric of the diaper and do not point down. It really works!

Follow the package instructions!  Be sure to break them in before using by stretching them a few times to soften them up. ALWAYS use a wrap style cover over them, not a pull on so that the cover also aids in holding the fastener in place and the cover keeps them away from baby. Don't allow baby to hold the Snappi.

When storing them when not in use, I like to use a little plastic baggie or pouch of some kind. You don't want to be digging around in the bottom of you diaper bag and come across an unprotected fastener with your fingers, so keeping it in something, or a certain compartment in the diaper bag for example, is useful. The grabbers are sharp enough to hurt your skin but with a little logical care it's no problem. Likewise, when you are using diaper pins, always store the pins in the closed position. An open pin is not safe. This is common sense but it bears mentioning.


Comparison of the grabbers on the Snappi and Boingo fasteners:

compare back of snappi and boing diaper fastners


snappi fastener instructions

Before first use, break in your Snappis.   Stretch the Snappi® by holding it in the center with one hand and with your other hand, grab close to the end of one of the arms, avoiding the sharp teeth, and pull. Do not grab the Snappi by the loops. Repeat this about 10 times for each arm. You will notice the material begin to soften up and become more elastic. Once you do this for each arm your Snappi Diaper Fastener is ready for use!

Holding the diaper in place with one hand, attach the Snappi® with the other hand in 3 simple easy steps: Hook Left, Hook Right, Hook Center.

hook lefthook rightsnappi hook center

In other words, the Snappi® fastener should go from a ‘T’ shape to a ‘Y’ shape.

When attaching the Snappi®, hold onto the solid part of the tab. DO NOT pull on the loops. Make sure that the Snappi® teeth have gripped properly into the diaper fabric and that it is ATTACHED SECURELY with all 3 arms. The 3 points of tension are important as it is the third arm that will help prevent the Snappi from coming undone.

By following these instructions, the Snappi® should be secure and the diaper will fit snugly. It is ESSENTIAL to use a cover over the diaper and Snappi® fastener.

Snappi®s WORK BEST with terry cloth diapers, prefolds, and any other cloth diapers with a loose enough weave for the Snappi® to hook into. They DO NOT work well with tightly woven diapers, or diapers made from delicate fibres. They are only recommended for diapers where the diaper fabric is thick enough that the teeth on the grips do not touch baby’s skin. By following these instructions, the Snappi® should be secure and the diaper will fit snugly.


1. A Snappi® is NOT A TOY. Keep out of children’s reach when not in use!

2. Replace your Snappi® if there is any physical damage or weak spots

3. Do NOT use a Snappi® on a child who is able to undo it or remove their diaper/diaper cover/clothing.

4. Snappi®s should only be fastened by an adult.

5. Use a cover over a Snappi® fastener.

6. Do not leave your Snappi® in the sun for extended periods as this can eventually weaken the Snappi®.

7. Replace your Snappis after 6 months of use.


Clean your Snappi® in hot soapy water. Do not launder with diapers in the washer as the grips could damage your diapers.


•Any tear in the Snappi® can lead to separation of a piece, presenting a possible choking hazard.

•Do not cut your Snappi® as this could create weak spots in your Snappi®.

•Do not pull on the loops of the Snappi® when attaching, as this can cause breakage. These loops serve as a safety feature only, as explained above. Use the flat, solid tabs for leverage.

•Inspect your Snappi® before each use. Discontinue use immediately if there is any sign of cracking, tearing, breakage or wear of any parts.


The Snappi® fastener is manufactured from FDA approved raw materials, which are degradable. It contains NO latex, silicone or any other adulterant, dilutent or modifying polymers. Snappis are CPSIA compliant for lead and phthalate content. Snappi®s are made in South Africa.


This unique product was invented by a father who experienced frustration changing his own child’s diapers. A snap solution to easier cloth diapering! The first Snappi® was introduced to the South African market in 1987 at a trade fair where 4000 units were sold within days.


Covers Snappi® products against manufacturer’s defect for one month from date of purchase with proof of purchase from authorized registered retailers only. Breakages due to misuse of the product will not be replaced. Warranty does NOT cover breakage of the loops on the Snappi®s. The loops are NOT to be pulled on when attaching the Snappi® fastener to the diapers. When attaching the Snappi®, hold onto the solid part of the tab. The loops are designed for the safety feature of the Snappi®, when not in use. The thin loop acts as a barrier preventing the sharp teeth from being exposed.

Green Mountain Diapers will warranty the Snappis for 90 days when used properly.

snappi package

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