Quality Cotton Cleaning Rags

Microfiber and junky, shedding shop cloths have their place. But when you want something better, you want Cloth-eez. Cloth-eez quality cotton doesn't shed all over the place. Made without optical brighteners, thus suitable for special equipment cleaning tasks and furniture finishing.

Lint-free cotton cloths for car detailing businesses, window washers, cleaning services, and more.

So many uses for quality cottons! Classic White Prefold Diapers come in many sizes and several thickness choices. Special order? Use the Contact Us link to let us know your needs. We are happy to help.

Cotton made without optical brighteners may be suitable for cleaning your special item that needs cleaning and maintenance.   Birdseye Wipes are quite nice for an 8x8 inch cloth that doesn't leave lint behind.

Prefold diapers come in many sizes and thicknesses.  We recommend our Classic White version for most cleaning uses because after just a few wash cycles they are fully absorbent and prepped. 

Prefolds are sought-after anytime optical-brightener-free quality cotton rags are desired.

black car car detailing

yacht cleaning yacht detailing

oak table furniture finishing rag furniture finishing

window washing

massage and facial uses


military contractors

Need help deciding?  Use the Contact Us link and Karen or Elizabeth will respond promptly.  We may have other rags, fabrics, second or third quality items that might be of use for you.  We are small business. We are real people who know our products and we are happy to help. 

Shop for quality cotton rags.