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It's About Budget

Everything on this website will work. If it catches the pee and poop, that means it works. It's not more complicated than that.

Beyond the "does this work?" question (which the answer yes, it works) comes the "Is this in my budget?" question. Next comes "Will I enjoy this?" Yes, you will enjoy whatever cloth diapering supplies you own - because they work and the baby is so cute! Everyone who changes baby will use whatever diapers are available to meet the present diapering need. If cloth diapers are available, then cloth it is. It's your baby, your way, your diapering choices, and they work.

But here's the thing. You can't answer the question about budget if you don't have a budget. Sit down together, make a plan for your household and stick to it.

You can save money by choosing cloth diapers, but not automatically. The diapers are so cute and so much fun that cloth diapering can get a bit addicting or become somewhat of a hobby. That's fine and it really is fun, but stay in your budget as you make your choices along the way.

We hope you choose Green Mountain Diapers as your go-to cloth diaper store. We appreciate every order. Karen and Elizabeth are happy to help and answer questions. As a family-owned business since 1998, we know cloth diapers. We ship very quickly, too.

Enjoy your baby. Enjoy cloth diapering your baby. It really is fun!

new baby cloth diaper checklist

The cloth diapers that you own are the ones that you will use. You can't go wrong with Prefolds. Own some prefolds. You'll be glad you have them. Enjoy!


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