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Cloth Diapering for Beginners

How to choose cloth diapers for your newborn baby: Cloth diapers 101.

What do I need to cloth diaper?

  • 36 diapers that fit.
  • 6 diaper covers
  • Cloth wipes
  • A baby.

It's really not as complicated as the internet makes it seem.  

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Free cloth diaper washing booklet

Get your free 16 page GMD How-to Booklet complete with detailed washing information.

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Try prefolds and Workhorse diaper kit medium boy

Try Both Kit - Medium

Regular price $167.05 Sale price$154.06 Save $12.99

Not sure if you want to use prefolds or fitted diapers? Try both.  12 diaper changes.  Free Cloth-eez Wrap diaper cover included, a savings of $12.99. 

Size Medium, fits about 14 to 24 pounds

Workhorse in medium will get outgrown before the prefolds and covers, which will continue to fit longer to about 28 pounds.  

6 Cloth-eez Prefolds - Size medium, organic unbleached

6 Cloth-eez Workhorse Diapers - Size Medium

Cloth-eez Wrap size Two

2 Thirsties Duo Wrap Snaps size Two

3 Cloth-eez Doublers - size Large

1 pair of GMD Slide Lock Pins - yellow

1 triple pack Snappi Fasteners

The amounts of each item are already figured out for you. 

This kit contains a dozen diapers, 3 covers and a few accessories.  12 diaper changes in a kit to make the selection process easy for you.  A free Cloth-eez Wrap is included, too.

How-to Tip: Diaper covers can usually be re-used through several changes. Change just the inner absorbency part and put the same cover back on for a few changes, or alternate between 2 covers at each change. That means change the prefold or the Workhorse (the inner absorbency part) and re-use the cover several times before washing it. Change the cover if soiled or if it becomes too damp or gets odors.

You wash your hands after a diaper change anyhow, so if you happen to need to freshen up a cover before laundry day, just wash it out when you are washing your hands. It's quick to do and covers dry quickly.



12 diaper changes in a pre-built kit. Other sizes available. Natural cotton diapering made easy.
mom in black dress holding newborn baby in white cloth diaper cover

Huggable softness

Cloth-eez Wrap

Pure white Cloth-eez Wrap size one. Simplicity is beautiful.

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We have been cloth diapering for 5 years and 2 children and these are by far the best diapers around- great quality, wash well and long lasting. I also love the organic options.

Amy L.
New York

We are new to cloth diapering and used fitted for our newborn. I wish we had just utilized pre-folds from the beginning! They fit the cloth-eez wrap perfectly and it is so much easier to get them dry! I am so happy we decided to try this combo as she grew out of her newborn, I just ordered enough for full time.

Michelle B.
United States

After trying it ALL, these Workhorse are the superior diaper! Not only among fitted cloth diapers, not only among cloth diapers, but among ALL diapers—including disposables! While I occasionally travel with flats or prefolds for their space-saving and versatility, GMD fitted diapers perform the best of anything! Their elastic is superior, the snaps are strong, the absorbency is excellent, the price point is very affordable, and the all-cotton construction washes so easily! You rarely get blow-outs with these on newborns like disposables. They are so quick and easy to use on active toddlers. Can’t say enough good this about these! Absolutely worth it!

Valerie T.


I've been cloth diapering for 10 years now and snapless fitteds from GMD are my absolute favorite! They're worth every penny. They're easy to use and so absorbent.

Kari K.


All of our non-wool covers are Thirsties. The double gussets really make a difference and they always fit both of my kids snugly (but not too snugly). We've tried a few other brands, but they just don't fit well and leak. The size 2 fits both my 2yo and 4mo well (24lbs and 15lbs). Their AIOs and inserts are always top quality, too. I love the prints and the fact that you can get solid colors, too. All around great products!

United States


We use these as cloth napkins, hankies, and general kitchen rags. They are beautiful, sturdy, and soft. I highly recommend them!

GMD is such a wonderful company. Their products are top notch and their customer service is so helpful. I’m a huge fan!

Erin F.
United States


I was unsure of what size to get so i got small and large. Its worked perfectly, i layer them together which gives me a slightly more trim diaper. This has saved me a ton of laundry too, i was so used to changing every 1.5-2hr with the microfiber but quickly discovered that at 2hrs these Clotheez Inserts are only slightly damp on the business end, still feel basically dry to the touch, and are literally dry on the other 2/3. My son is only 5mo but i really only need 2 inserts for bed time as well they are so absorbant. I love that they are easy to wash, i don't need any intense wash routine. And i actually feel the slight riple, i wouldn't even call it baconing per se, actually gives me a better fit. They are so supple i feel better about all that fluff between my sons legs, my old inserts sometimes made me worry about his hips. Im a single mom of 4 and these are a game changer for me. I couldn't afford fancy 8 layer hemp inserts and the microfiber was awful and had me ready to quit.

Katie R.
New York
baby in Ruskovilla wool cover held by daddy

Finest pure organic natural undyed