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preganant mom and her daughter

This ‘Iceberg’ Analogy Will Change the Way You Think About Disciplining Misbehaving Kids

February 25, 2020

It's time to debunk the myth of the perfect child—or parent.
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The Pressure to Be a Chill Mom Is Absolutely Exhausting

The Pressure to Be a Chill Mom Is Absolutely Exhausting

February 18, 2020

One mom explains why being herself is so much easier than pretending not to care.
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5 Ways Scandinavian Moms Have Hacked Parenting

5 Ways Scandinavian Moms Have Hacked Parenting

January 29, 2020 1 Comment

From letting their little ones run wild outside to plenty of play-based learning.
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Mom and new baby

7 Things You Should Never Say to a Woman Recovering From Childbirth

December 19, 2019

Choose your words carefully.
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4 Ways French Moms Have Hacked Parenting

4 Ways French Moms Have Hacked Parenting

December 16, 2019 2 Comments

Parenting the French way.  For them, "no" is "no."
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blog post are we teaching our kids to lie picture of dad and son sculpture

How We Raise Liars and What to Do About It

November 24, 2019

Are we teaching our kids to lie? No parent wants to consciously and purposefully raise a child who lies, but the truth is our kids lie.


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Mom job chart

A Working Mom Data Scientist Created Hilarious Charts That Perfectly Sum Up Our Lives

October 13, 2019

Motherhood quantified in a chart. Cute!
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elimiation communication blog

How to Practice "Elimination Communication" and Go Diaper-Free

October 04, 2019 3 Comments

EC doesn't have to be all or nothing.
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I Disciplined My Second Child in a Totally Different Way from My First, and It's Made a Huge Difference

September 23, 2019

When time-out wasn't working, I knew I had to make a change.
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how to change a cloth diaper baby cloth diaper change with mom

Diaper Changes are Parent-Led Moments

July 29, 2019 1 Comment

Diaper changes are not “baby-led” moments.    Diaper changes are parent/caregiver-led moments.

In our culture, sometimes parents don't do enough to teach and require that babies to lay still for a diaper change, but mom and baby will be happier when baby has learned to lay still for a change.  

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Cute baby on a changing table sticking out tongue

What do to with a soiled cloth diaper

May 02, 2019

Diaper contents don't go in the garbage.   Find out where to put the poop and how to get it there.
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mom holding her nose

Ammonia in diapers

November 28, 2018 11 Comments

What causes ammonia stink in cloth diapers?
Pee. Well, urine – whatever name you call it. Here is the solution for ammonia stink.
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