April 19, 2022

Water composition is the single MOST important factor in cloth diaper washing. No online group can give you a routine and most groups are focused on synthetic diaper washing which is different than natural fiber diaper washing.

Find ideas online - yes -

ideas for you to consider and observe what happens in your water.

No one, not even GMD, can tell you how to wash your diapers. Only you can figure it out, and you can do it.  

Basic principles and ideas are great to learn but please do not blindly follow group ideas. Please do read the GMD How-To Booklet.  Use the Contact Us link and ask for the .pdf copy or if you prefer paper, add the 16 page GMD How-To Booklet to your cart if you are shopping.  It outlines washing principles that are very helpful to know but does not give you your exact routine. It can't. Only you can do that.  And you can. Just wash and and see things got clean or not.  You can do this.

At my house, we have a well that needs a water treatment system. We recently re-bedded one of the tanks in our water system and it's a whole new world for washing!  Our water quality is different.  It's much better!  I have the same washer, same fragrance-free laundry detergent and same laundry, but everything is suddenly coming clean more easily doing the same things with the same cycles.  I had to reduce my detergent amount because our water is better now.  

Assuming that your washer is actually functioning (make sure it is working properly), it's the water itself that matters the most. You have to adjust what you do to your particular washing machine and water conditions. 

Washing trouble? While your are learning, stop the machine and look in if you have to, even if it means cancelling the cycle. That will help you know what is actually happening inside your machine.  Please don't overly rely on internet posts.   

Think for yourself.

How to wash diapers summary:   Get the pee and poop off somehow so the main cycle isn't too dirty to clean things and then rinse until fully rinsed.

I recommend not covering up uncleanness with fragrance. Choose fragrance-free or at least unscented products whenever possible.

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