How to use prefold cloth diapers

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In pocket diapers:   Stuff your pockets with prefolds for easy washing and tons of absorbency! We recommend size Novice light green edge for medium rise settings and Intermediate light blue edge for unsnapped full rise settings for most pocket diaper brands. For young babies, choose Cloth-eez Inserts size small in pockets.   

This very short video shows how to trifold a size small yellow edge prefold in a Thirsties Duo Wrap Size One at full rise in Mountain Twilight print. 

The next video shows how to trifold a size medium red edge prefold in a Thirsties Duo Wrap Size Two on the medium rise setting.


There are so many ways to use them.   Any way to get the absorbency in there will absorb and it will work.  This video shows a tip to get a good leg fit. Notice how pulling the wing up toward the armpit before bringing it to the front snugs up the leg:

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The next video is longer and shows in detail how to use prefolds and more on a baby.


Watch this quick video to learn how to use a Snappi Fastener



Watch this video to learn how to use diaper pins. Get FREE diaper pins.

jelly roll front  jelly roll diaperSmall yellow edge on 13 pound baby, jelly rolled, with a Snappi Fastener. A nice, snug fit that leaves no red marks at all. Prefolds are very comfortable for baby. 14 pounds, 5.5 months old, size novice

intermediate blue edge prefold diaper green snappi Intermediate on a young chubby baby above and the same baby below in Medium

cloth-eez prefold size medium on baby

Size Intermediate on toddler outside 

Pinning or fastening is optional!

You can just fold the diaper in thirds and lay it in the diaper cover. This is called "trifolding" or "padfolding". However, fastening it is fun and provides a more stay-put fit, as well as much better containment.  But most people simply fold the diaper in thirds and place it in the cover. There are many ways to do it. Do what works for you.

Question:   If most people trifold and do not fasten prefolds, then why do all the pictures on babies show the diaper fastened?  

Answer:  It's difficult to take a modest picture or video of trifolding on a baby.

pocket diaper insert comparison chart

If using pocket diapers and don't have one pre-stuffed yet, just use the pocket diaper as if it were a regular diaper cover, without stuffing it.  You can even pin or use a Snappi Fastener under a pocket-diaper-used-as-a-cover.  You will need a fresh one often since the inner fabric will get damp sooner than a regular cover, but that's ok.  

Don't forget to add your one pair of free pins and your free16 page GMD How-To Booklet to you cart. It's a treasure-trove of information and it's free with your order if you put it in the cart. 

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