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AguKids bloomers size 0-3 months
AguKids bloomers size size 3-6 months
AguKids bloomers size 6-9 months
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AguKids Organic Cotton Over Cover

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AguKids organic cotton over covers are called "bloomers" in Europe.  We can't call it a diaper cover that because, in the cloth diaper realm, diaper cover means outer waterproof layer - and this item is not that.  It is absorbent cotton. We can't call it bloomers either, since that often means pants, so "over cover" works to describe what it is and does. 

This is like a pair of organic cotton underwear - but not exactly - since it is sized to fit over a diaper. Easy to get on and off.  Unisex styling.   A hard-to-find item.  The sizes, when used over absorbency, run true to size.


   0-3  months,  size 56 cm
   3-6  months,  size 62 cm
   6-9  months,  size 68 cm
  9-12 months,  size 74 cm
12-18 months,  size 80 cm
18-24 months,  size 86 cm

Made of 100% cotton interlock.  This is old-fashioned nice, thick, soft cotton interlock, not the super-thin cheap stuff.  The leg bands are wide and there is no seam in the crotch area.   Wonderful quality!   

Use it over any diaper, even a disposable to cover it up - so that you and baby have the lovely feel and look of the cotton. 

Struggling to keep poop off your lovely wools?  Try a Cotton Over Cover.

The shape is like a pair of training pants, but it is one layer only. It does not have any padding.  

Notes from Karen:  This can work over a wrapped flat.  When you don't want to use pins or a Snappi, you can wrap a flat around baby and tuck the ends in.  The ends won't stay tucked very long as baby moves around, but it will stay long enough to get these little undies pulled up over it.  Pull these over it and the diaper will stay put because the underwear will hold it all in place. This can be a great solution for overnight because you can pull the whole thing down at once without dealing with any fasteners in the dark.  

This is also wonderful for "coverless time" when you need something over the diaper.  Use this over a Snappi-fastened diaper to help keep the Snappi away from baby.  

Use it over the diaper (over the inner absorbency part) but under a wool cover to help keep everything in place and thus keep poop off wool covers.

Using a cotton cotton pull-on over layer used to be a common method of diapering!  It keeps everything neat and contained now just as it did years ago, either with or without pins, to keep the absorbency in place. It is a bit like turning a flat diaper in to a fitted diaper!

There are so many different ways to do things - different things for different reasons and purposes. Do what works for you. 

These are much nicer than store-bought underwear because of the shape, leg opening design and the room in them and the thicker lovely cotton interlock fabric.

Sold individually.  (You don't have to commit to a pack of many if you only want one!)

cotton over cover baby size bloomer diaper cover

MATERIAL 100% cotton


  • Machine cold warm or hot 
  • Do not bleach
  • Tumble dry low heat
  • Made in Ukraine

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