Paper Towel alternative kitchen cloth kit
stack of 48 paper towel alternative cloths in kitchen
Cloth-eez Paper Towel Alternative Kit - Natural Unbleached
Cloth-eez Paper Towel Alternative Kit - Natural Unbleached

Cloth-eez Paper Towel Alternative Kit - Natural Unbleached

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This kit contains 48 kitchen cloths made of organic unbleached cotton.  It's 4 packs of 2-Layer birdseye washable, reusable Cloth-eez Paper Towel Alternative cloths made of or natural unbleached cotton. 

Size: 13" x 13" before washing, about 12" x 12.5" inches after shrinkage.

It is easier to use them when you have enough of them.  Without enough, you might tend to not use them as much as you could so that you don't run out too soon.  If you own enough of them, then you are free to use them anytime and you will cut down on your paper towel use.  Make the commitment to reduce your paper towel use by switching to natural cotton in the kitchen and you'll love it. Cotton works better than paper. Enjoy.

Use them as napkins at the dinner table.  

Also available in packs of 12: Cloth-eez Paper Towel Alternative

Also available in WHITE kits- for easy and fast prepping. 

Keep them available so that they are easy to grab quickly.

unpaper towels in the kitchen

The cloths are two layers of unbleached natural 100% cotton birdseye fabric sewn together with a center seam.  Birdseye fabric has little "birds" woven into the fabric. This is much smoother than terry fabric. Birdseye has a nice amount of "grippiness" to get stuff off with a balance of being smooth enough for softness. Two layers gives you the right level of thickness for absorbency, plus two layers of fabric helps them stay flatter. It gives them enough thickness so that it is easy to grab one. Single layer look-alikes curl up, stick together and are more difficult to handle. Having two layers of fabric makes them much better and easier to use. Paper towels can't compare to two layers of birdseye cotton. Simple, yet so effective.

They can also be used as preemie diapers or layered as newborn cotton diapers. We added a small seam across the wipe to help them keep their shape, yet cotton shrinkage will vary a bit of course.  Boost absorbency by adding as insert for any cloth diaper using it as a doubler.  Truly multi-use.

We added a small seam across the wipe to help them keep their shape, yet cotton shrinkage will vary a bit of course. Like all unbleached cotton, wash several times in a regular size load of laundry, perhaps through 5-8 cycles or more, it varies, on hot with detergent before using. This prep washing is needed to wash off the natural cotton oils present in unbleached cotton. It needs to be washed off before the full absorbency of the cotton is reached.

Made of natural 100% cotton, exclusive of trim. Made in Pakistan.

This kit contains 4 packages of 12 cloths each for a total of 48 cloths.

Single packs: Cloth-eez Paper Towel Alternative

 Use: Use for absorbency as needed to dry hands and wipe up various wetness in the kitchen. Do not use with raw meat (keep food safety procedures in mind) and do not use for bacon grease or similar fats or oils that should not go down the sink. If you can't put it down the drain (meat fats for example), it should also not go into the washers since those greases are not suitable for municipal or septic disposal in any case.

Care: Machine wash hot. Add oxygen bleach as necessary. Occasional bleach is ok if needed but over time, bleaching will take a toll on the fibers of course so minimize the need for bleaching by storing them after use before washing in a manner that prevents mold. If you use bag style storage, keep the bag open at the top to allow air circulation and wash often. We recommend an open wire or plastic bin as preferred over bag storage when possible. Hang wet towels over the edge to dry and then push those into the basket when the next ones are placed over the edge. A laundry drying hanger with clips is great if your space allows for that. If the cloths dry out before they go into the laundry bin or bag, you can go a lot longer between wash days.

storing dirity kitchen cloths in a bin

A few more images here.

Content: made out of organic unbleached cotton, but the final product is not certified.  It is certified to OKEO-TEX Standard 100 and the certificate number is 20.HPK.35238.  100% cotton, exclusive of trim. Trim is polyester or nylon for strength. Made in Pakistan.

Care:  Machine wash/dry.  Please wash several times in hot water before first use. 

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