mininimalist natural diaper hand wash cloth diapers kit
birdseye flat diapers hand wash cloth diaper economy kit

Minimalist Kit

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Easiest-to-wash birth to potty learning cloth diapering kit.   A minimalist kit for either machine or hand washing.  Great for preparedness. 

Kit contents:

2 dozen Cloth-eez Birdseye Flat Diapers - Size One-Size - choose white flats or natural unbleached flats . Fits birth to potty (4 packs of 6 diapers)

2 dozen Cloth-eez Birdseye Wipes (2 packs of 12 wipes) in white or natural unbleached 

2 pairs of GMD Slide Lock Pins - white (4 pins total)

Cloth-eez Wraps size Two - 13 to 24 pounds (very adjustable covers, so while it is big on a newborn, it is workable enough and also roomy enough to fit over the one-size flats on a newborn)

A minimalist set up which could be enough to work for birth to potty learning for hand washing.  Flats wash so easily, dry easily and they can even be ironed if desired.  

This kit is ideal for:

  • Anyone who enjoys folding flat diapers (yes, it really is relaxing and satisfying)
  • Anyone who has a difficult washing situation.  It could be poor water composition, a lousy washer, a portable washer, a shared laundry area or laundromat, - because flats come clean more easily, thus save time and money at the laundromat
  • Hand washers.  It is so much easier to wash one-layer cotton flats by hand than multi-layered prefolds or other thick diapers. 
  • Anyone who wants to keep costs as low as possible
  • Families doing EC (Elimination Communication).  This inexpensive, easy-to wash cloth diaper kit is a great back-up to EC  
  • Anyone who wants to be ready for difficulties. Perfect for a preppers Bug Out Bag when a baby is here, is on the way or even if a baby could someday become part of your family
  • International travel, hand washing in a hotel
  • Camping
  • Homesteading

See more pictures of flats on babies

See folding information

Choose white or natural unbleached cotton flats and wipes in the kit.

Handwashing cloth diapers kit Or organic minimalist cloth diaper kit Unbleached cotton still has natural cotton oils on the fabric when it is new.  It takes several hot washes to wash off the natural cotton oils before full absorbency is reached.  All cotton diapers and wipes should be washed a few times before using but unbleached cotton needs a few more cycles than white cotton diapers do before first use.   

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