GMD Slide-Lock Diaper Pins (Pair)


Our own pins made for Green Mountain Diapers. Good pins do make pinning easier. 

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Sold in pairs. Order 1 pair and you receive 2 pins.

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I really do love to pin! Nothing beats the custom-fit and comfort of a pinned prefold or flat diaper. A pinned diaper is so classic, comfortable and adorable. After much frustration trying to find excellent diaper pins, we had our own made for Green Mountain Diapers to our specifications. I am very happy with these pins. Sharp pins slide through fabric more easily than blunt pins. Lubricating pins by pushing the point into a bar of Ivory soap or other bar soap before using helps any pin slide, so do lubricate your pins! The stainless steel part of the pin needs to be sturdy enough not to bend when you slide them through fabric. These pins are both sharp and firm and without burrs. Good pins do make pinning a little easier. They don't have fancy box packaging. These are sturdier and stronger than the cheaper pins. Do not buy painted metal head pins unless the seller can show you that they have been tested for lead paint and can show you the CPSIA compliance certification of their current stock of pins (which is pretty unlikely due to the low profitability of selling diapers pins compared to the very high cost of the testing and certification). We recommend choosing plastic-head pins such as these or our free pins and avoid painted metal for your safety and baby's safety.

These pins are open stock without packaging. That saves money and materials. They have slide-lock baby-safe heads. Always use a cover over diaper pins or other diaper fasteners. Made in Malaysia.

slide lock diaper pins See more pinning pictures.


Slide-Lock Head means that the colored part on the head of the pin slides up to unlock the pin.  Pinch it back down to lock the pin after you close it.  You can't get it open until you pull up on the colored part of the pin head. Then once that is pulled up and you can see the little metal part that the arrow is pointing to, then you are able to open the pin.   

how to use diaper pins

Sometimes customers don't know that you have to slide the head up to open the pin and they can't get them open.   The pins aren't defective if you can't get it open if the head is not slide into the up.   The fact that grown-ups can't get the pins open when they don't know the the "trick" about needing to slide the pin head up shows that they really are secure!

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Great pins

I diapered my kids 27 years ago. When we were looking to diaper my daughter's up coming baby I was very disappointed by the quality of pins I was finding online- I stumbled on these and wow what a difference to have quality pins. These are the only ones i will order from now on. The company is great to work with by the way!

Michelle J.

My favorite pins

I was too intimidated to try pins for a long time, but finally decided to give it a go. I’ve now tried various brands, and these are my favorite! They are sturdy and easily go through the fabric, and are also easy to secure and lock. I feel confident that they will stay locked, too. Now I love pinning, and it’s my preferred way to fasten my flats! (And it’s super cute :) )

Michelle J. verified customer review of GMD Slide-Lock Diaper Pins (Pair)
Katherine C.
United States

Basic, good, strong pins

These are so basic and inexpensive. Often those are my favorite products to use in everyday life. These are strong pins, love the click as you lock the head in place, and they glide through the prefold diapers easily. I find I can get a more snug fit using pins rather than a snappi.

Alyssa W.
United States

The best!

Really great pins!

Rebecca W.

Most of them are good

One came unpinned but the rest seem to be holding up.

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