Cloth-eez Two-Sided Wipes - Unbleached


Knitted terry and flannel cotton baby wipes

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Slightly thinner than the White Two-Sided Wipes because the terry side of the unbleached version is knitted terry instead of woven terry.  The nap is not as high and it is lighter and thinner.  But it is still terry so it does have a terry grippiness to it.  Terry is great for the main job, and the nice, smooth, gentle flannel is great for the final touch-up details. 5x8 inches, approximate measurements before washing, and they will shrink somewhat.   I love this size, the feel, and the practicality of the 2 different sides. May fit in your wipes warmer without folding. I find it easiest to use several wipes per poopy change, grabbing a fresh wipe as needed, rather than folding a larger wipe over and over. These wipes are a less overwhelming size for a young baby's small bottom, yet still fine as baby grows. To me, flannel on one side and terry on the other has the best "feel" for the job. Suggested amount: 4 packs for a young baby, 3 packs for an older baby. 100% unbleached cotton.  Wash several times before first use. Made in Pakistan.

cloth-eez two sided wipes terry and flannelclose up of unbleached terry

unbleached two sided cotton baby wipes  2 packs, shown after washing. Because they are two different fabrics sewn together, expect some waviness to  the edges because the two fabrics will shrink slightly differently.  If you like flatness, choose organic birdseye wipes or velour wipes.  It's a small tradeoff for the very handy and practical choice of actually having two different fabrics to use for the varying need at the moment in one wipe. 

The white version are thicker than the unbleached on this page. 

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Elisabeth S
San Antonio

Not all wipes are created equal

So this is my third baby and second to cloth diaper. I figured three years of the same wipes, new baby, new wipes. I purchased a few different kinds from GMD. These unbleached verses bleached versions of what look like the same wipe are definitely not the same. The unbleached version is much nicer in my opinion. They wash and dry much flatter than the white version. The terry side is much softer and even the flannel is much softer. I'm kind of bummed I bought so many of the white ones thinking I would save a few bucks. Both are nice and I will definitely use both but I can already tell that the white ones will probably be the last ines I grab for. Just FYI, I also really like the Birdseye wipe and the cotton velour. But this unbleached double sided is probably my favorite.


Love these-Handy for anything

These are great for whatever you want them for. I use them as washcloths and also to apply diaper cream when needed.

Alison J.
SANTA FE, New Mexico

So good.

We really enjoyed these wipes. They are different from the bleached version. They are nice and thin, so they can squeeze into the crevices of the tiny baby. Do wash them a few times before use, so that your wipes warmer doesn't smell like sweaty gym socks.

Gretchen C.
United States

Good wipes!

We use these wipes only for pees so that we don't have to get **** off of them. We wet them and put them in a plastic container with enough water to keep them damp. They are very effective and we are happy to not be putting chemicals on my son's sensitive parts. We also save a lot of money over time on wipes.

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