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Cotton terry on one side, soft flannel on the other side. Terry is great for the main job, and the nice, smooth, gentle flannel is great for the final touch-up details. White cotton is the best color for wipes, so you can see what you are doing. 5x8 inches, approximate measurements before washing, and they will shrink somewhat.

Because they are actually two different fabrics, the sides will each shrink slightly differently from each other so expect some edge curling after washing, which is fine. I love this size, the feel, and the practicality of the 2 different sides. May fit in your wipes warmer without folding. This wipe is Karen's favorite, because I find it easiest to use several wipes per poopy change, grabbing a fresh wipe as needed, rather than folding a larger wipe over and over. These wipes are a less overwhelming size for a young baby's small bottom, yet still fine as baby grows. To me, flannel on one side and terry on the other has the best "feel" for the job. Suggested amount: 4 packs for a young baby, 3 packs for an older baby. 100% cotton. Made in Pakistan.

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two sided wipes

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I really like these!

I really like these! I bought 2 dozen for my newborn and I'm back to buy more. I like to get one end wet with solution, wipe and then use the other end to pat dry. These wipes have really helped eliminate the diaper rash issues we were having. They are also really absorbance so you don't have to worry about your solution running off like some of the flannel wipes do. I bet they would make good washcloths for bathing as well

Allison Tegtmeier

I used these for my first child (now almost 4), and am using them again with my newborn.

I used these for my first child (now almost 4), and am using them again with my newborn. I didn't start using them with my first until she was about 4 months old, and they quickly became my favorites. As explained in the product description, the two sides did shrink a little differently, but I didn't find this to be a problem at all. The size was great all of the way through potty training with my first-born, and I appreciated having the option to choose between the two fabrics. I wasn't intending to use a wipes warmer, but ended up being gifted one and these fit perfectly. Now that I'm using them again with my newborn, I have found that they are a little too thick to easily get into my newborn's nooks and crannies. I still use them as my primary wipe, but find myself reaching for a thinner wipe to finish the job. That said, I know these wipes will be the perfect size and weight in another month or two. I highly recommend them!


I liked these wipes a lot when my little guy was small.

I liked these wipes a lot when my little guy was small. They're perfect for a tiny tush, fit in a wipes warmer (definitely a need in a cold New England farm house) and the terry side grabs at anything stubborn and wipes clean. That being said they do not hold up very well. The terry starts to unravel after about 6 months and the entire thing gets rough after months of use. They're a good buy either way but other wipes hold up a lot longer and stay soft (like the cloth-eez birdseye wipes which are amazing!). I would recommend the birdseye rather than these.

Mae Kleinheksel

I really liked these for my wipes warmer.

I really liked these for my wipes warmer. They fit perfect. Now that my baby is a toddler i wish I had something a bit bigger. I flushed one by accident through my potty pail. It may have made it out but caught in the roots of my sewer line. They do work as excellent doublers for a newborn.


Now that my daughters are out of diapers, we still regularly use these wipes around the house.

Now that my daughters are out of diapers, we still regularly use these wipes around the house. After retiring the ones used for their bums, we bought a new supply to have in the kitchen. We use them for all sorts of clean-ups. They are very convenient for the kids to get and use all by themselves for hands/mouth clean up after meals and snacks. Ordering more now because my 4 year-old sometimes forgets that they don't go in the trash! It took some time for me to figure out why my supply was dwindling!

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