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Country of origin

Products called reusable diapers are using the word "reusable" instead of cloth probably because "cloth diapers" implies cotton diapers. Most of the diapering products called "reusable diapers" should perhaps be called "synthetic diapers" or "synthetic reusable diapers" or "polyester diapers". Or perhaps they just say "reusable diapers" to make it sound more modern or more eco-friendly. To me, cotton diapers are "cloth diapers" and polyester diapers are "reusable diapers". You re-use both kinds of diapers, but I can't grab hold of the word reusable for this. It sounds to me like you can reuse it without washing it, which of course is not what it means. You have to wash it before you can use it again, so I'll stick with calling them cloth diapers. It's really just semantics, I suppose.

Every product on our site has the country of origin clearly listed with the product but here is a quick reference list below.

Babee Greens are made in USA

Bum Genius Hangout Wet Bags are made in USA

Cloth-eez Prefold Diapers are made in Pakistan

Cloth-eez Organic Prefold Diapers are made in Pakistan

Cloth-eez Flat Diapers are made in Pakistan

Cloth-eez Stretchy PreFlat Diapers are made in Pakistan

Cloth-eez brand baby wipes are made in Pakistan

Cloth-eez brand doublers and inserts are made in Pakistan

Cloth-eez brand crinkle muslin blankets and cloths are made in Pakistan

Cloth-eez Stay-dry Fleece Liners are made in USA

Cloth-eez Wraps are made in China

Cloth-eez POSO Covers are made in China

Cloth-eez Pull On Covers  are made in China

Disana Organic Knit Wool Pull-On are made in Germany

Disana Wool Leggings are made in Germany

Disana brand items are made in Germany

Flappy Nappies products are made in Nepal and USA

GMD Cotton Flannel Craft Fabric is made in Pakistan

GMD Slide Lock Pins are made in Malaysia

GroVia brand items are made in China

Growing Green diapers and wool items by Babee Greens are made in USA

Cloth-eez Hemp Doublers and Cloth-eez Stay Dry Hemp Doublers are made in USA

Cloth-eez Night Stay Dry Doublers are made in USA

KiCo Label wool items are made in Poland

LanaCare Merino Wool items are made in Lithuania

Lola & Taylor brand items are made in India

Mommy's Touch Covers are made in China

Mother-ease brand items are made in Canada

Puppi brand wool diaper covers are made in Poland

Ruskovilla items are made in Finland

Smart Bottoms are made in USA

Snappi diaper fasteners are made in South Africa 

Thirsties products are made in USA

Under the Nile products are made in Egypt

Workhorse Fitted are made in Pakistan


Information on country of origin for some other products you might see online but that we don't carry:

Made in China: Fuzzibunz, gDiapers, Rumparoos, Nicki's Diapers one-size and pull-on covers, Diaper Rite Covers, Baby Beehinds, Katydid, Kawaii, Sunbaby, Alva, Tweedlebugs, and many other brands of pockets.

If you don't see country of origin clearly listed in the product description on a site where you are browsing, ask the site owner. By law, it should be listed! If it says "Designed in someplace" but doesn't say "made in someplace" then it's probably made in China, but personally I find that sort of thing deceptive. The huge online retailers don't always cite country of origin, unfortunately. 

I, Karen, designed the Workhorse diaper right here in Vermont, but I have it made in Pakistan.  So it says, "Made in Pakistan".  I don't choose to say "designed in Vermont".  That's just silly and tricky, I think.   It's not practical or feasible to make everything locally.  I definitely understand that.   But when there is a choice to choose something made on our shores, it is something to think about and consider.  Of course, the choice is yours.

Also made in China is my third born baby.

Fabric choices for cloth or "reusable" diapers


cotton"Baby" cotton diapers

wool"Baby" wool covers