Stay-Dry Doublers


Stay-Dry Doublers add absorbency and keep baby feeling dry. Made in USA.

$3.95  each size Small (4 x 11 inches, blue/green edge stitching)

$4.95  each size Long (4 x 14 inches, blue/natural edge stitching)

$8.50  each size Night (5 to 7.75 x 14 inches, shaped) 

Stock Status: In stock.  Usually ships the same or next business day.

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stay dry hemp doublersstay dry nighttime diaper doubler  

This is the same as our Hemp Doubler, (three layers of 55% hemp, 45% organically grown cotton) but topped with a layer of virgin Malden Mills 200 weight polar fleece. Polar fleece allows the moisture to go through but maintains a drier feeling next to baby’s bottom, since fleece is hydrophobic (afraid of water). With quality polar fleece the argument that only disposables keep baby’s bottom feeling dry is simply not true. This washable synthetic really does keep baby’s bottom dry. More information and photos here.

stay dry doubler front and back more about stay-dry diapering

For all of these sizes of stay-dry doublers, the BLUE edge stitch side is the side that has the stay dry fabric. The blue edge stitch side goes next to baby. Think "b" is for blue is for baby.


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Great for outings and sleeping!

After doing a lot of research I decided to get these doublers that give a stay dry feeling. I was planning to use them all the time so my baby wouldn’t feel wet at all but then I started to practice elimination communication so I actually want my baby to feel wet if she goes because I’ll change her right away anyway. What these are GREAT for are outings, naps, and nighttime. I use the short ones for outings and naps since I change her more often and I just recently purchased the night ones for overnight since even with a small one she would soak through her diaper and cover plus the sides of the diaper would be soaked so I wanted her to stay dry there you. My baby is 5 months and weighs 16 pounds and these fit her great. I would not get the big ones for too small of a baby though as it would probably be too big. Very happy with these!

Amanda M.
United States

Night Shaped - Great doubler

These are perfect for nighttime for keeping dry and also to catch poo and easy to clean. I like how wide they are in the front and back.


My favorite CD accessory

I only ordered one and that was a mistake. I use it with a Birdseye OS flat for nighttime. After 8-12 hours, the Birdseye is wet but not soaked and we haven’t had any leaks. My current plan is to use this setup as my daytime routine because it’s trim and super absorbent. As expected, the doubler requires more drying time but is always done by the time my prefolds are dry.



I use these on my 2yr old who is day trained. So we still need diapers for nights and long car rides/running errands. These are super absorbent (impressively so) and I absolutely LOVE that they keep my son feeling dry, as he's been sensitive to wet cotton from other diaper combinations. I want my whole stash made of these!!

Kristi M.

Great for overnights!

For our 2 month old, we're using a small stay dry doubler in a sloomb overnight bamboo fitted under a disana soaker. So far we love this combo! Never a leak! Also works great for car rides or long naps in a workhorse or prefold. We'll definitely be getting the long and nighttime as he grows.

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