Cloth-eez Prefold Diapers - Organic

Size Guide
Cloth-eez Prefold Size Chart

Cloth-eez Prefold Size Chart

Cloth-eez Prefold Size Chart
Size Approx. Weight / Age Before Washing Measurements, inches.
Approx width by length after washing, inches
Preemie (small preemie)


2-6-2 ply

premature or as doublers 11x11.5 9.5x10
Newbie (large preemie)


2-6-2 ply

premature or newborn 12.5x13.5 11x11


4-8-4 ply

6-10 lbs, 0-6 weeks 12x13 11x11

light green

4-6-4 ply

9-15 lbs, birth to 5 months 14.5x15.5 12.5x13.5


4-8-4 ply

10-15 lbs, 6 weeks to 5 months 14.25x15.25 12.5x13.5


4-6-4 ply

13-25 lbs, 4-20 months 16.25x17.5 14.5x15


4-8-4 ply

14-29 lbs, 4-20 months 15x18 13x15.5


4-8-4 ply

20-35 lbs, 9-36 months 16.5x20 15x18
X-Large green 4-8-4 ply 28-40 lbs


Cloth-eez Oeko-Tex certified made of unbleached organic cotton prefolds diapers.

Cheaper by the dozen. The price of 11 individual diapers is the same as 1 dozen.

Stock Status: In stock. Usually ships the same or next business day.

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Prices vary by size. Please visit the Detailed Information link to learn more and see pictures on babies. The pictures can help you choose your correct size. Sizes overlap and are approximate.

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Also available in unbleached

Also available in white

Cloth-eez® Prefolds actually fit. A diaper that fits works best. One-size-fits-all really doesn't "fit all". Does a diaper that fits a 2 year old really fit your newborn? Nope. The right size for the right age and weight works best! Diapers that fit and wash easily are diapers you will use. These are the "top of the pile" diapers that you will reach for first. Well-loved.

These diapers are certified to Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex, as are all Cloth-eez brand cotton products. Additionally, this version of the prefold diapers is made of organically grown cotton. This means that the cotton used to make these diapers was grown organically and certified.  

Affectionately known as "GMD Prefolds". These are hard-to-find, top quality, heavyweight 100 % cotton twill diapers.  These are the real thing, and so very well made.  They are far superior to the store bought kind, and will stand up to repeated washings. Be realistic about the longevity of any diapering item and don't be wowed but unrealistic claims. They are durable and last very well but not forever.  They wash and dry very easily and never get that "icky polyester stink". The twill weave allows pins to slide through them easily without making holes in the fabric.  But you don't have to fasten them.  You can just fold the diaper in thirds and place it in a wrap style cover.  You will not be disappointed in these wonderful, versatile diapers. There are many brands of prefolds on the market, but we feel these are the very best fabric, 100% Indian cotton, 4-8-4 ply, with the strongest edge stitching available, and custom sized for prefold perfection. These diapers are exclusive to GMD and are not available anywhere else, and are not marketed under any other brand name but Cloth-eez®. You will find the "prefold love" with Cloth-eez® prefolds. Diapering with prefolds that fit really is easy. 100% cotton exclusive of trim. Made in Pakistan.

How to choose which version? The organic version is made of organically grow unbleached cotton and may be the most durable but the differences are slight among the kinds. It can be hard to tell them apart. The main difference is in the way the cotton was grown in the field. There is something nice and enjoyable about organically grown.

One FREE pair of pins per order is available with purchase of this item when you add the pins to your cart through this Link.

Please wash several times before first use. Expect to wash them through quite a few preparation cycles to wash off the natural cotton oils before full absorbency is reached. This "prepping" (4 or more wash cycles) is a one-time thing. Link to more washing information.

Please note that you can use any mainstream laundry detergent on cotton diapers. You do not need to purchase "special for cloth diapers" detergents. We do not sell them and they are not needed on prefolds or Workhorse diapers.  Keep it simple. Use what you would normally use on your regular household laundry. Yes, Tide is ok or whatever you happen to like but we do recommend unscented versions for use around a baby.

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Amy L.
Perrysburg, Ohio

Love these prefolds!

These were recommended to me by a friend. I started with the smalls, got another dozen, two dozen mediums and a dozen larges. These are great quality for a very decent price. Love them!

Gretchen C.
Tacoma, Washington

Good cloth diapers

They're everything a pre-fold should be. The diaper service I used to use had the same kind. We notice we have way more "blow outs" when using disposables. We have saved a ton of money and the earth- one in three pieces of trash in US landfills is a diaper. So don't give up even after they start eating solids. You are making a difference to our planet and keeping toxins out of your children!

A Green Mountain Diapers Customer
Danielle P.
United States

The Best.

Our favorites. We wear these out... They last for the entire season the baby needs this size, plus down to the next baby. Eventually they wear out but it sure does take a while. Super soft and gets softer with use. Love the unbleached and they clean sooo nicely. Have never had issues like I did with my all in ones.

Ellen M.
United States

Best ever diapers, just buy them.

Just the best, nothing else to say. My daughter has been in these since the newborn size, we have bought 2 dozen in each size as she grows. Easiest possible diaper for washing/drying, absorbent, incredibly durable, cheap, and not too hard to put on once you do it a few times. (Although prefolds have gotten somewhat harder now that the baby is mobile...) We usually snappi them on under a thirsties duo cover, and we use the grovia liners to make clean-up easier. Fwiw they also work great inside a fleece pocket diaper, which we do for overnight, car rides, etc. You cannot go wrong.

Shelley P.
Blacksburg, Virginia

Quality Diapers, Great Support

I have only been using these diapers for about two weeks on my almost one year old. We use these in place of the inserts that come with the flip covers. We hands down prefer cotton over microfiber. Thus far they seem to be high quality diapers. I ordered another dozen and requested the 16-page washing booklet. WOW! I wish I had access to this information months ago! I commend GMD for taking the time to put together this information so that we moms (and dads) have the best chance at being successful with our cloth diaper routines. Please note that if you have extremely hard water like we do, you should expect to wash these diapers 7-8 times to reach maximum absorbency (we use Biokleen free and clear powdered detergent and have a front loading HE machine). Overall I recommend these diapers, and definitely recommend GMD, especially knowing they are a Christian company!

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