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Puppi Newborn Bee Wild
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Puppi Merino Wool Diaper Covers

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 High quality Puppi Merino Wool Diaper Covers from Poland.  Now available in the USA.  

Newborn        6.5-14 pounds (I think it runs smaller) 

Mini OS          10 - 21 pounds  (I think it runs smaller) 

One-Size         13 - 33  pounds

OS Plus            19 - 39 pounds

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Note from Karen:  Trim! The trimmest woolie, best suited for daytime use.

This is a trim cover which means that it is trim on the bottom.  Workhorse size Large just makes it with tucking under the size One-Size Puppi but fits better in the OS Plus Puppi.  Medium Workhorse is fine under size One-Size Puppi.  XL Workhorse can fit under the OS Plus Puppi cover but most likely one will need to tuck the leg gatherings of the Workhorse in. Fit varies with baby's shape. For example, it is noticeably narrower in the bottom than the wide shape through the rear of Thirsties Diaper Cover and Cloth-eez Wrap, for example.  This cover is not really designed to go over fitted diapers, but as described above, it can work in the correct size.  It is designed to go over a narrower diaper such as a pad-folded flat or prefold.  If not fastening the cotton underneath, we suggest spreading out the cotton inside the cover to keep cotton covering most of the inside of the cover for less washing.  If you love natural fibers and desire a trim fit, this is lovely.  Choosing trim will mean changing baby a bit more often.  More bulk means more absorbency and less bulk (trim) means less absorbency = change a bit more often. That is always the tradeoff in all brands, kinds and fabrics. Wash wool by hand, but it doesn't need washing often.  Sometimes you can go for weeks without washing a wool cover if you can keep messes off the inside.   It airs out to fresh. Wool doesn't pick up odors like synthetics do.  Enjoy natural fiber diapering.  Snap colors may vary, within the same color family. These are made in small batches in Poland. 

Puppi OS Earthsongpuppi green herringbone color merino wool infant in a diaper coverPuppi wool cover peony pinkPuppi Merino Wool Diaper Cover timeless elegance

Puppi One Size Olive GrovePuppi One Size Bee WildPuppi wool diaper cover stay calm

The Puppi brand takes special care to ensure that its products are environmentally friendly, which is why these diapers are made from100% biodegradable elastics, for which not even 1% polyester is used. Instead, organic cotton and natural rubber are used.  

Very high quality Puppi diaper covers are made of two layers of extremely soft and thin merino wool flannel. Colorful snaps and decorative stitching make this diaper cover a conversation piece.  Quality and attention to beautiful details. The leg elastics are soft yet very stretchy, which allows for a trim fit.  Once lanolized, these covers hold moisture effectively. Wool is an extremely versatile fabric for cloth diapering-- it is breathable, temperature regulating (perfect for both cold and hot days), soft, and naturally antibacterial. Lanolin breaks down urine into salts and water, so it does not need to be washed as often as PUL diaper covers. Simply hang to dry between uses. However, a hand-washing and re-lanolizing procedure is necessary on wash day.  Instructions are included. 

- 100% merino wool, exclusive of trim
- Wool produced and sewn in Poland
- Handmade
- Requires lanolin

This cover is terrific because it's very trim, soft and cool inside because wool breathes.

Washing instructions:   Wash by hand using a gentle wool wash or a  gentle bar soap such as Olive Oil Soap.  Detailed instructions are provided here on our website and on the Wool Page and Puppi information brochure which is included with your order. 

merino wool diaper cover Quality sewing and details.

puppi wool cover on a babyinside of a Puppi wool diaper cover

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