Puppi Wool Diaper Covers pictures

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Puppi wool diaper covers are made in Poland.  They ship quickly directly from Green Mountain Diapers in Vermont in the USA. 

Puppi wool diaper covers are trim, so they are best suited for daytime use over narrower styled diaper absorbency options.

Puppi bee wild wool diaper cover on a baby  Mini one-size Bee Wild

Puppi diaper cover on a newborn baby mini one size  Forest Flower

newborn wool diaper cover mini-one size Puppi on a baby with dad's hand  Timeless Elegance

 baby in Puppi merino wool diaper cover curry yellow   Curry

Puppi rusty fox diaper cover dad holding toddler Rusty Fox

rise setting wool cover on a baby As with all diaper covers with rise snaps, fold the extra fabric where the rise snaps are in the up direction like this. 

puppi merino wool cover Earthsong Quality

puppi forest flower purple on a baby sleeping

purple wool diaper cover  Detailed stitching

timeless wool tweed Puppi Poland diaper cover on a baby outside

toddler in Puppi merino wool diaper cover holding and airplane Curry


Puppi cloth diaper covers size names comparison

Puppi newborn wool cover open shows inside of coverNewborn Puppi wool cover

newborn wool diaper cover with mom's hand The Newborn size is really little and adorable. 

 puppi blues Amazonite is bright but not this bright, yet this still shows the various blues next to each other. Woodland, Amazonite and Royal Blue on the bottom.  Woodland has green tones.  

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