GroVia Perfect Pail

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GroVia Perfect Pail is a hanging diaper pail.

Zippered "bathtub" bottom - leave it unzipped for washing. No puddles of water or bubbles of air will get stuck in the bottom like the solid-bottomed kind can get in them because when it is unzipped, water washes right through it.

100% Water-resistant TPU

Pleated body for maximum volume. Dimensions: Approximately 26 x 18 inches. 

Stock Status: In Stock. Usually ships the same or next business day.

Unique pop-up design provides a sleek look that integrates perfectly into any nursery.

Machine washable, dry low or hang to dry (same instructions as the other pail liner brands). Because this has a washable, flexible plastic part in it similar to the plastic part in an underwire bra, be aware of how your machine works. In some machines it might need to be washed gently.

Self-closing top allows diaper to be dropped in, but keeps smells at bay by allowing some air circulation.  Made in China.

Shaped like an old fashioned diaper stacker, or perhaps like a dry cleaning clothes bag, this storage for dirty diapers is very functional. Use a hanger (not included) to hang it anywhere without taking up valuable floor space. Since it will get a bit heavy when it is full with laundry, Karen recommends a good, strong hanger such as a wooden one like the one in the picture. A flimsy hanger might bend but if you use two hangers together that works fine. Some plastic hangers have a neck that is too long so the loop strings end up not quite the right length. That doesn't really matter, but a strong wooden hanger is really better, I think.  I like this setup for a lot of reasons. I especially like that I can put the diaper in with one hand and that the design allows for enough air in there and enough air circulation to help keep bacteria and stink away, but it's not so open that the stink comes out too much. It's really a good balance between odor containment and air circulation. Air circulation IS really needed. A tightly closed pail is really nasty. All diaper pails need some air. I really love the zippered bottom, too, for emptying it. Remember to zip it back up when you set it up again after washing it. I've forgotten to re-zip a few times (did I not learn the first time I did this?), and guess what happens when you toss something into it when it's not zippered... Sometimes, you just have to laugh when things happen. Now that you know to zip it up, I'm sure you'll remember to zip it up, which is very easy to do.

This is not just for diapers! I have one in the closet near my kitchen. We put our wet, damp and soiled "un-paper" towels and kitchen towels in there. Now we have cleaner, fresher kitchen cloths because we have a good, organized place to put the soiled ones, without them getting dank. The older kids are able to put their washcloths, spill-catchers and other things right into our "kitchen laundry bag". Having this near our kitchen has enabled us to use a lot more cloth in the kitchen and far fewer paper towels. It's interesting how having a good place to put the soiled cloths has made such a big difference in our kitchen. It's also a handy place to put all those dirty socks that end up everywhere. I love this thing for my kitchen!

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Emerson F.
Texas Texas
Love it!

Roomy and easy to use!

I liked it until it broke.

After using it for seven months in rotation with another bag the zipper broke making it useless. For the price that you pay for it the use life is not very long in my opinion. Before the zipper broke i was very happy with it, it did its job well.

Green Mountain Diapers

We are sorry about the problem with the zipper on your GroVia Perfect Pail after 7 months. This item is still within the one year warranty period so we highly recommend contacting GroVia. Information about the warranty is here:

I like it

I have a top loading HE machine, and I can see the wear some of the other reviews describe. Mine is not as bad, though. A few minor pulls, but no rips or boning coming out. I really like it. It's easy to use, no smell, and hangs nicely in our bathroom next to the diaper sprayer.

Naomi M.
I wanted to like it.

I needed a hanging pail and was bit hesitate because of the mixed reviews. But it was the only thing I could find that might work. As others have said, it definitely is a 2 hand job or else smear the one hand and pail. And the smell! I have always used a small 4 gallon plastic trash can and just dropped diapers in with basically no smell. Needless to say, I am back to using the trash can. Way simpler and less smelly. I may eventually cut off the top and see if that improves it. It's a good idea that needs a design improvement.

Clarissa T.
In my experience, this Perfect Pail holds the stink in better than a regular pail liner.

In my experience, this Perfect Pail holds the stink in better than a regular pail liner. However, I did have 2 pieces of boning come out a little over a month after purchase. I reached out to Grovia and they responded very quickly and are sending a replacement out in tomorrow's mail. They did recommend a gentle/delicate wash cycle as I have a top loader washing machine with an agitator. Thank you Grovia for your swift response and excellent customer service!

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