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6-ply doubler for any diaper or an insert to layer into a pocket diaper to replace microfiber inserts. Made from Cloth-eez Prefold fabric.  Sold individually, or save when buying in packages of 12.

Small   4.7"x 12"  approximately after shrinkage (green)

Medium 4.7"x 14"  approximately after shrinkage (red)

Large  4.7"x 15.5"  approximately after shrinkage (blue)

Stock Status: In stock.  Usually ships the same or next business day.  

Measure the size of what you want to replace and see if this works for you. 

A 6-ply doubler-insert to layer into a pocket diaper to replace microfiber inserts. These are 6-ply. That means six layers of cotton prefold fabric, which is 2 layers less than our other doublers, however they are wider. One is NOT enough in a pocket diaper, except for a very young baby. Layer 2 or even 3 of these in the pocket to get the absorbency you want. We chose to make these 6-ply because they dry very fast, wash cleanly very easily, and allow for customized absorbency needs. Want it trim? Use 2. That is 12 layers. Need more absorbency? Use 3 of them in there. Choose your bulk-level; choose your correct absorbency for your needs. The big benefit of these is how easily they come clean in the wash. Say goodbye to stinky microfiber.  Use them for dusting instead.  The skin on your hands will be happier too when you stop touching the microfiber inserts. Cotton feels so much nicer.

Should you decide to move away from synthetic pocket diapering and switch over to 100% cotton diapering, you don't need to purchase any doublers because you already have these on hand.

The same lovely prefold fabric as our beloved Cloth-eez® prefolds. These are wider than our regular Cloth-eez doubler for a better fit when stuffing synthetic pocket diapers. They are quilty just like prefolds are so they come out of the dryer curly and need to be flattened out by hand a bit. This is the nature of the twill prefold fabric. These are also suitable as doublers for extra absorbency in any style diaper. Measurements are approximate. Shrinkage varies. Chlorine-free white 100% cotton. Made in Pakistan.

  cotton inserts   

pocket diaper stuffer inserts compared

Stacking 3 large blue edge inserts is similar to using one medium red edge prefold diaper. So if a medium prefold is too much bulk for your pocket diaper, try using just 2 of these doubler-inserts for a trimmer fit. Stack them together, grab both ends together and place it into the pocket all at once, as if it were one item, at the same time. Stuffing two is not very different than stuffing one because it is still one stuffing motion. 12 layers would be too thick to wash and dry so using two 6 layer inserts together in the pocket really does makes sense. Need more for nap or night? Use 3 at the same time.

What is the difference between a doubler and and insert? The width and the layering are a little different but they very similar.   You can use these as doublers. Inserts are a little bit wider than doublers and the width is needed to fill up the space in the pocket. These are 6 ply.

There are many choices for absorbency but something that is 100% cotton will always wash up more easily than any other absorbency fabric.

Prefold fabric is quilty, curly and variable. Sizes are approximate. Shrinkage will vary.

They come out curlier and a little smaller when prepped and washed in a front loader or an HE top loader due to the action of the HE machines (pushing fibers vs pulling fibers). They tend to come out a little flatter when prepped and washed in standard top loader. This machine and shrinkage variation is also true for prefolds, flats and other cotton products.

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Kim Y.
United States United States

Fantastic as mama cloths

these are fantastic as mama cloths. no additional holder needed. just lay in your skivvies and they hold in place. need additional adsorption? double up with a hemp liner on top. Worried about leak thru? pair with a properly lanolized wool liner underneath. So many configurations....

josh w.
Indiana Indiana

Green mountain has diapers figured to bottomed. Purchased from you 20 years ago for my own babies..Purchasing now for my grandbabies. Real diapering done the right way. Thanks for excellent products, excellent advice, excellent care. Great company's last!! Keep it up!


Green Mountain Diapers

Thank you! Welcome back!

Tara B.
Florida Florida


I’ve spent so much money on so many different types of inserts, from very expensive to more affordable to cheap.. Blends of different types of fabrics.. the list goes on! These 100% cotton Cloth-eez inserts are absolutely amazing! I have had NO leaks since I switched to this particular insert! I use 3 inserts and a GMD hemp doubler and there you go! No leaks! Definitely worth the switch for my baby! An absolute MUST HAVE!

A Green Mountain Diapers Customer
United States United States

Great replacement for microfiber

We got 36 large inserts (blue hem) to replace the microfiber inserts in our Alva Baby pocket diapers. They are working great! They are slightly thinner than the Alvas but actually fit better in the pockets. They are a couple inches too long so we fold them down in the front for extra layering for my little boy. He is 9 months and pretty heavy wetter! We use two inserts at a time and change every couple hours, and we still get the occasional leak which I’m trying to figure out. But overall I am loving these and feel so much better using cotton than that stinky microfiber!

Rachael J.
Minnesota Minnesota

Perfect for heavy wetter

I wanted to get these to use in my pockets instead of prefolds. The prefolds worked well but were just so bulky. I use 2 of these in pocket diapers (3 for nap time) for my 2 year old heavy wetter and it's worked wonders. Theyre not bulky at all and hold a decent amount of fluid. Will definitely be buying more to have on hand.

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