Inserts for pocket diapers

Absorbency options for pocket diapers 



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Flats as absorbency for pocket diapers

Cloth-eez Insert sizes:

Small Green Edge:   4.7"x 11.7"  approx. after shrinkage (green), lowest and middle rise

Medium Red Edge:   4.7"x 14"  approx. after shrinkage (red), middle rise and most unsnapped rise

Large Blue Edge:    4.7"x 15.5"  approx. after shrinkage (blue), tallest rise, larger pockets

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Approximate absorbency information, some are the same as the one above but generally this is the absorbency order.  The links will take you to items individually prices but use the drop down to find quantity discounts for dozens or 6-packs.  Remember with the Cloth-eez Inserts, you use either 2 or 3 at a time.

2 small Cloth-eez green edge inserts = 1 size newborn orange edge prefold

3 small Cloth-eez green edge inserts = 1 size one-size Birdseye Flat = 1 Novice or Small yellow edge Cloth-eez Prefold.

2 medium Cloth-eez red edge inserts = 1 Cloth-eez Muslin flat size Newborn

3 medium Cloth-eez red edge inserts = 2 size intermediate or medium red edge prefold = 1 Cloth-eez Muslin Flat size One-Size

pocket diaper insert absorbency comparison chart

Just because there is a pocket, doesn't mean you have to use the pocket. Pocket diapers can be used as diaper covers. You will need a fresh pocket often, but this can work. It works very well with a prefold especially if you don't have one stuffed ahead of time.

Cloth-eez Doublers, also called boosters, are similar to Cloth-eez Inserts but they are thicker, shorter and narrower.

compare cloth diaper booster doublers and inserts