Cloth-eez Doubler - White Cotton
Cloth-eez Doubler - White Cotton
Cloth-eez Doubler - White Cotton
Cloth-eez Doubler - White Cotton

Cloth-eez Doubler - White Cotton

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Best seller!  8-Ply cotton diaper doublers made from prefold diaper fabric. Use to add extra absorbency of your diaper.

Small 3.5"x 9.5" after shrinkage (yellow edges), 8 layers 

Large 4"x 12" after shrinkage (white edges), 8 layers

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Another word for Doubler is "Booster".  Doubler and Booster mean the same thing. 

The same lovely prefold fabric as our beloved Cloth-eez® prefolds in a doubler sizes.  Chlorine-free, optical brightener-free white cotton.  White cotton is easier to prep than unbleached cotton.  Both sizes are 8 layers (8-ply) of 100% cotton. I love the prefold fabric because it's so soft and pliable. It is quilty just like prefolds are so they come out of the dryer curly and need to be flattened out by hand.  Regular top load machines curl them less than HE machines do.  This is the nature of the twill prefold fabric. I like to match fabrics.  This prefold fabric washes very easily and doesn't hold stink because it is 100% cotton. And best of of all, they are very inexpensive. Doublers add additional absorbency in any style diaper.  They absorb immediately and are "quick absorbers."  You can fit the size small into any size Workhorse diaper or any diaper.  Doublers are similar but not the same as inserts Inserts are wider. For pocket diaper inserts we have them here. 100% organic cotton exclusive of trim. Made in the Pakistan.

 Both this regular cotton white version and the made of unbleached organic version shown after washing

A cotton doubler is such a simple thing that makes such a big difference in stopping leaks. 

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