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Stock Status:   In stock.  Usually ships in 24 hours.   SIZE ONE will restock by the end of September, we hope!  

Size Zero   4 to 10   pounds  (perfect for the umbilical cord time. Price is $1.00 less than other sizes. Read size info below, please)

Size One     7 to 14  pounds   Out of stock in size One until late September 2021.   Consider Thirsties Duo Wrap size one snap as an alternative item.

Size Two     14 to 24  pounds 

Size Three    25 to 38  pounds 

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This cover is made of our signature very soft fabric and it is full cut in the rear.  Leg gussets, adjustable rise, true sizes so you don't have piles of fabric bulk to fold down in the front yet each size still does have one rise adjustment which helps you get a perfect fit as baby grows and changes shape.   It has two rows of waist snaps but  you don't have to snap them directly above each other. It is ok to leave the waist snap wider or make the leg snap snugger if needed to get the right fit for your baby.   

SIZE ZERO -  READ THIS - The Size Zero could be the nicest newborn cover there is for fitting under the umbilical cord, but choose a diaper under it that is small enough to actually fit under it.  For prefolds, choose newborn, newbie or preemie prefolds under it. For flats, choose size Half in birdseye flats. Newborn orange edge prefolds are the most popular diaper under size Zero and that works well with the cord.

Newborn Workhorse need size One over them, not size Zero.  However, some customers do tell us that they are able to use Newborn Workhorse under it and like it that way, but I (Karen) don't recommend that.  I think that's not easy to do and it might not work for all babies, depending on the shape of the baby.  I'll still recommend the newborn, newbie or preemie prefolds prefolds under it.  Layering Cloth-eez Muslin Wipes or Paper Towel Alternative cloths can be alternative itsy-bitsy diapers that can be used as "preemie" diapers or first week diapers.  Layer in a Muslin Wipe to catch meconium.

Think of this cover as a sized, true-size cover and not as a one-size fits all adjustable cover.  Yet it DOES have a set of rise snaps!   These rise snaps allow you enough flexibility to get a good fit as baby grows, without the bulk in the front of folding down as much extra fabric in front.  The rise snaps help you size up sooner or skip a size.   You can even start with size two on a newborn if you want to. 

Don't assume that all brands using the size names One and Two are the same.  Brand run differently.  Pay attention to the weight ranges and pictures.   Cloth-eez Wrap size Two is smaller than a Thirsties Duo size two and it's supposed to be that way.  They are shaped differently, too.  This is shorter and roomier and Duo is taller and trimmer. Think of this size Two as a size medium.   Size Two can be adjusted down to be made to work on a newborn baby in the same way that a one-size cover can adjust down.  It's a lot of cover for a tiny baby but it can work if it must.

This very economical cover is made only in white to keep costs down. White is a beautiful, classic diaper color.   The fabric is so soft and the elastic is gentle and stretchy for baby's comfort.   Down the road after a lots of use and washings, this softer, 1 mil cover may wear out faster than a thicker 2 mil cover such as Thirsties, but that is the tradeoff for the softness.   Most often babies outgrow the sizes long before that happens, but side by side with Thirsties, Thirsties will win the durablity contest.  1 mil and 2 mil refers to the thickness of the waterproof TPU layer.   If you want soft, this is it! 

The size zero is the best for the cord healing time.  In the larger sizes, Cloth-eez Wraps are  are roomy enough inside and easily accommodate fitteds with doublers.   The rise is not high on these covers.

What size diapers fit in these? See more details and pictures

100% polyester with TPU laminate. CPSIA compliant. Standard elastic at legs and waist which may contain latex.  Nickel-free nylon snaps.  Made in China.

Machine wash warm, hang or tumble dry, remove promptly. Do not pull on warm elastics. Do not overdry. 

Cloth-eez Wrap size zero

Cloth-eez Wrap Images Link More pictures 


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Dana E.
United States United States

I have used all sizes of these since my youngest was born. Although I like Thirsties for quality and prints, I feel these are superior. To sum it up, super soft, great fit, gussets, high quality, long lasting, AND an amazing low price! Just as I would have expected from Cloth-eez!

Daniela F.
Maine Maine
Great for a tiny newborn

I used these with the preemie size prefolds and newborn size prefolds once she outgrew the preemie size. My baby was born 6 lbs 6 oz and this combo worked wonderfully. I love the softness of the cover and the flexibility on sizing. These are great for brand new newborns!!

Laura D.
United States United States
Perfect, soft cover for newborn

These are our favorite waterproof cover. The sizing is pretty much spot on accuracy wise. Our little angel was out of the size zero at nearly 10 lbs. the umbilical snap down was worth the week she was in size 0 though (Although the size 1 worked fine with her umbilical cord too just depends on your baby’s body). These are so soft, would 100% purchase again as baby grows. Horizontal and 2-step rise snaps are fantastic! The fit is the best we’ve had compared to other brands. Not cutting into her belly (overly tight in the waist) like other covers which makes her and us happy. Price and shipping is top notch! Get these you won’t regret it.

Beka L.
Connecticut Connecticut
Great Cover

We love cloth-eez wrap covers! They are very soft, have double gussets, and keep even the messiest diapers contained. We use them over prefolds, flats, and fitteds. The sized style works much better for us than one size covers. The fit so much better than one sized covers. We love how trim they are. These are the same level of quality as more expensive covers such as Thirsties Duos.

Deborah J.
Connecticut Connecticut
cloth-ezz wrap[

Cloth-eez wrap works well for us...easy to hand wash and air dry. D. W.

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