Cloth-eez Wrap Diaper Covers

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Cloth-eez Wrap

A simple, economical, very soft cloth diaper cover.

Size One at unsnapped, largest rise setting, shown with a pad-folded size Small Cloth-eez Prefold in it. 

size one cloth-eez wrap

 All sizes have leg gussets and inner flaps that you can use or not use.  Some people like to tuck the prefold into the front flap or both the front and back flap.   This is optional.  The flaps also keep the waterproof fabric away from baby's hips by covering it with the soft knit polyester fabric instead on the flaps.  Use with a prefold, a flat diaper or a fitted diaper such as Workhorse fitted diapers.  Leg gussets on all sizes.

Size Zero is designed to fit a newborn baby. (If your baby is born weighing 9 -10 pounds, skip this and start in size One.) Size Zero is for average size newborn babies but it has the really great feature of two rows of front snaps and two cord dip snap settings so that if baby decides to show up early, you are ready with a cover that will fit down to as tiny as 4 pounds. It is a preemie through newborn size. For the preemie adjustment, snap the cord dip snap to the bottom center male snap and use the lower row of snaps. Use size Half Birdseye Flat diapers, Preemie purple edge or Newbie grey edge prefolds at this tiny setting. Then as baby grows, use the upper row of snaps. This probably fits from 4 to about 9.5 pounds. It is little because even at full term and 7.5 pounds, newborn babies are little.  For full term babies, the upper cord dip snap should fit nicely for the first few weeks.

Each size has two rise settings. A lower rise setting and (rise unsnapped) full rise setting.

newborn baby in a cloth diaper Size zero

Cloth-eez wrap size one mom and baby Size One

large cloth-eez cover over a large workhorse diaper Size Three wrap at smallest rise setting over a Large Workhorse diaper. The size Large was very roomy on this 1 year old. It worked but was too big on him which is to be expected since he weighs about 22 pounds. However, the roominess is great when you are looking to add a lot of extra absorbency for overnight or if you just prefer roomy covers for comfort. A size Two wrap would fit this baby better.

9 month old baby in Cloth-eez Wrap Big baby! He is 9 months old and 23 pounds in size two.  

Suggestions for diaper sizes to use under this cover below. For smaller diapers use the lower rise. For bigger diapers use the tallest rise setting (unsnapped)

Wrap Size Prefold Workhorse Flats
Zero Preemie, Newbie, Newborn Newborn Size Half 
One Newbie, Newborn, Novice, Small Newborn, Small Size Half, Newborn,One-Size 
Two Novice, Small, Intermediate, Medium, Large

Small, Medium Large

One-Size, Large 
Three Medium, Large, XL Large, XL One-Size, Large, Muslin Swaddle


newborn cloth-eez cover cord dip 6 pounds, 2 ounces in size zero)

preemie baby in cloth diaper cover cloth diaper cover that fits a premature baby     Size Zero on a preemie who is now up to 6 1/2 pounds, shown over a Cloth-eez Birdseye Flat diaper size Half. "This is the only cover that fits."

preemie baby in cloth diaper warp 7 pounds 2 ounces in size Zero. She's been using this wrap since she was 4 pounds in NICU. 

36 weeks size zero diaper wrap 6 pounds 36 weeks cord dip diaper cover One week old born at 36 weeks plus 1 day, 6 pounds in Cloth-eez Wrap size Zero.  This is not the smallest setting of this little cover.   See the lower row of snaps that are not used in this picture?   If you fold over the top of the cover, you can use the lower row of snaps to set it to fit a smaller baby.   

zero   6 pounds, 1 ounce, 5 days old, in size Zero.

Size zero Cloth-eez Wrap on a baby with a stuffed animal Size Zero


Cloth-eez Wrap size small on 12 pound baby Size One on 3 month old over size Small yellow edge Cloth-eez Prefold. For a full term big baby, you can skip size Zero and start in size One. However, size Zero is still really nice on a full term baby for the cord time because it really works well during the cord-healing time.

small diaper wrap on 2 month old baby Size One, 2 months old, 11 pounds.  Size one is not very big.

Cloth-eez Wrap size two  Size Two

clotheez wrap size medium on baby sitting  medium clotheez cover on 8 month old baby 17 pounds Size Two on 17 pound 8 month old baby. 

Size 2 cloth-eez Wrap on a baby lowest rise setting Size Two

cloth-eez cover size large Size Three on lowest rise setting. Lots of growing room in this cover.

size three adjustable diaper wrap on a baby Size Three on a young baby with the front snapped down.  Rise direction is up - extra fabric is tucked up underneath the front rows of snaps.  

Cloth-eez wrap size large on 28 pound 20 month old baby Size Large (now called size Three) on 28 pound, 20 month old on lowest rise setting. It doesn't need to be on the lowest setting though. There is plenty of room in this cover and plenty of rear coverage.


compare premature diaper covers Comparing the two tiniest covers. Thirsties Cover hook and loop size newborn/preemie in Fin and Cloth-eez Wrap size Zero

Rise direction shown on a doll. Size One Cloth-eez Wrap on a Bitty Baby.

Bitty Baby size one Cloth-eez Wrap show rise direction  When using the cover in the lower rise setting, tuck the extra fabric up.  This helps keep the elastic at the front of the legs nice and smooth.

bunhy ears

Fit hack:  To snug up the leg openings on a newborn baby, pull up the wings to make Bunny Ears.   Get the cover into the leg creases instead of across baby's thighs.  Pull the cover up in the front enough rather than placing it across baby's legs.


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