Cloth-eez muslin baby wipes organic
Cloth-eez Organic Muslin Baby Wipes

Cloth-eez Organic Muslin Baby Wipes

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Pack of 12 wipes, size approximately 9.5 x 10.5 inches. One layer.

Muslin (gauze) one-layer of double woven organic 100% cotton baby wipes. This is the same exact fabric as the Cloth-eez Muslin Flat Diapers. These are 11x12 inches before washing. After washing, the size is approximately 9 x 11 inches or 9.5 x 10.5 or so.  Shrinkage varies a bit.  This is a generous size for a baby wipe and you'll probably fold it over to use it to wipe baby. The fabric is thin enough to feel more like what you might be used to if you use disposable wipes sometimes. It is soft organic cotton. Since it is a woven fabric it has enough grip so that it does not smear. The one layer fabric will be wrinkled at the edges after washing. Top load washers will make fewer edge wrinkles than front loaders because of the action of the machine. In theory they could be ironed but I have not tried that and I don't plan to iron them. The edge wrinkles are not a problem for me. It is the normal nature of the soft fabric and I think a slight crinkle is good because it helps them separate so that I can pick up one at a time more easily.  You can see them in the picture. 

100% cotton, exclusive of trim - the edge stitch is polyester for durability and strength. Made in Pakistan.

 Cloth-eez organic baby wipes one layer muslin cotton

Other uses:

Use as a teeny tiny preemie diaper.

Use as a cotton diaper liner.

Use as washable tissues.   

See this beautiful fabric as the Muslin Diapers here.

see the texture of the cloth wipes fabric

 Idea: Alternately fold the wipes into each other and slide into a tissue box. They are a nice size for washable tissues. See a video of how to fold them into a tissue box.

This idea of folding wipes into a tissue box was fun the first few times I did this, but now I have my pile of these in a less-neat pile and that works just perfectly for me.  They are so much nicer to use than paper tissues! Also great in the kitchen to replace paper towels and as cloth napkins.

Of course, they are fabulous baby wipes, too.  They are big enough so only one wipe is likely to be needed and thin enough to handle the details.  A great price for lovely OEKO-TEX certified standard 100 fabric that was grown organically. All of our Cloth-eez brand cotton products have the Oeko-Tex certification.   Buy genuine Cloth-eez brand with confidence.   

Use one as tiny preemie diaper or use two together for a preemie diaper if you need more absorbency but baby isn't ready for newborn diapers just yet.   

The perfect washable organic diaper liner or fold for light monthly use for mom, too.  This organic muslin fabric is so nice - and very reasonably priced, too!

Oeko Tex Certifcation

There are so many ways to use cloth wipes at the changing table.

cloth wipes at the changing table

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