Muslin Wipes

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Thin enough for the details yet big enough to fold over easily. A stack of 12 wipes shown after washing.

One of many, many ways to set up cloth wipes.

washable tissues and tissues

There are so many uses for these lovely organic cotton baby wipes. If I had stretched out the plastic tissue opening slot, the box would not jump since that makes the opening a little larger which helps them pull up more easily.

Weight the box with a tissue box cover or put something a little heavier in the bottom of the box and they will pull up even better!

It takes a moment to fold them but it makes a difference. Some family members use them when they are in the tissue holder but won't use them if they are in a pile. It's silly, but true for some.

Quicker method: Just put them out where they are available and you will use them. Both washables and tossables have their place for various reasons. Choose what works for you at the time. In time, you can same money and washables become preferred because they work better. 

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