Thirsties Diaper Cover - Snap - sized diaper cover

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Thirsties (Original) Diaper Cover in snap closures is a true-sized diaper cover. Made in USA.

XSmall  6  to 12  pounds (Runs bigger. I suggest 8-13 pounds and it is roomy enough to go over fitted diapers easily.)

Small  12 to 18 pounds

Medium  18 to 28  pounds

Large   28 to 40  pounds

Stock Status: In stock. Usually ships the same or next business day.  

Thirsties Diaper Cover Snap Images Link

The Snap version on this page. The Hook and Loop version is here.

Don't confuse this sized cover with the Duo Wrap. This one does NOT have snap rise adjustments. This is a true sized cover which comes in sizes XS through Large.

When Thirsties Duo size 2 is getting too small on your toddler, the size Large cover is the next size up. Large is bigger than Duo size 2 but smaller than Duo size 3.  It has room enough inside for a nighttime diaper.

thirsties cover snap aqua   fin grey thirsties diaper cover snaps  


The size LARGE of this Thirsties Cover is larger than the Thirsties Duo Wrap size 2.

A true-size diaper cover with snap closure. What is "true-size"? True-size or sized means that it comes in each size, XS, Small, Medium and Large. Unlike an adjustable rise cover or a one-size-fits-all cover, it doesn't have rise snaps, Not everyone likes the bumpy rise snaps on the front of adjustable covers, nor the bulk of the cover fabric in front when the rise is snapped down. This cover is sized so it is made to fit the actual size without rise adjustments. No cover bulk up front! The shape of the cover is not the same as the Thirsties Duo Wrap. It is roomier inside. Don't size up with this cover because it is generously sized. The XS cover is really nice over newborn fitted diapers. It is too big on small newborns, though.

The waist does still adjust since there are many waist snap selections to choose from. I find that not having rise snaps on the front does have an advantage for me when I hold the baby next to my body. It is more comfortable for me. I also think that true-size covers such as this are a bit less confusing for caregivers. It has gentle leg gussets and exposed laminate inside, also known as a wipe-clean interior.100% polyester with TPU laminate. FREE of VOCs, PVC, phthalates, lead, and latex. Another quality CPSIA-compliant, made in the USA diaper cover choice from Thristies.

The size Large is a big cover. If baby has outgrown the Thirsties Duo size 2, the size Large Thirsties Diaper Cover is the next size up after the Duo size 2. It is also a good nighttime diaper cover because it is roomy enough inside for extra doublers.

snap front diaper cover Small pictured. Very adjustable waist and it has leg gussets.

medium prefold Size Medium cover with size medium red edge prefold. The prefold lays right in there at full length without folding it down easily. This is a roomy cover. Great for pinning or Snappi fastening. The size Medium fits over the size large Workhorse. Small will fit over small or medium Workhorse. XS works with newborn or small Workhorse. XL Workhorse will work under either the medium or the large cover but I prefer it under the large cover but it depends on the baby's shape. What works with what is variable depending on baby's shape and your preferences for how you like things to fit. Give pinning a try! It really works.

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Jessica W.
very happy

I love the snaps! I have used velcro for 3 kiddos and it has finally worn out and has become a big issue to fix. Snaps are the WAY to GO!

McCall M.
Kentucky Kentucky
Amazing diapers

They are so trim and easy to use. I use them on my almost 3 year old for night time with a flat.

Monica M.
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania
Love the roomy fit!

I bought several sizes in Thirsties snap sized diaper cover. The medium & large I wanted to try on my 2 yr old & the smaller sizes are for a new baby on the way. I had not tried any sized covers before but the reviews were excellent so I decided to give them a try & so glad I did! I was pretty sure the medium would already be too short in the rise & it was but obviously the next baby will be able to wear it. The large however is perfect!!! The rise is high enuf to fit over the largest clotheez prefold but not so high that it's awkward over a smaller prefold. I really appreciate the roomy full bottom so no parts of the diaper stick out! My toddler is tall but slim & it fits him well but it would easily fit a chubby toddler too. Definitely worth the investment!

Adrienne S.
United States United States
Good cover for overnight

Solid cover. We use it with the workhorse diapers overnight and baby hasn't had a leak yet.

Cecilia C.
Kansas Kansas

Love this brand. Bought a bit big on purpose so toddler has room to grow. I don’t mind the extra length on the rise right now, because I know it will be perfect even after he’s outgrown the duo size 2’s that’s I also bought.

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