Thirsties Diaper Covers

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The size Large Thirsties Cover is the next size up from the Thirsties Duo Size TWO cover.

large diaper cover

Even larger than the LARGE Thirsties Cover is the Thirsties Duo Wrap Size THREE.

diaper cover on a new baby Bloomy size X-Small.

Comparison of the larger size covers: Thirsties Duo Wrap size Two, Three and Four and Thirsties Cover size Large.


preemie newborn cover 

newborn diaper cover

Thirsties diaper cover hook and loop size small celery on a baby 8 weeks old, 13 pounds in size Small Celery hook and loop.  

preemie newborndiaper cover on 6 lb baby size preemie/newborn on a 6 pound baby. Tiny baby? See our Preemie page.

iris snap 6 pounds 15 oz 1 week old 6 pounds 15 ounces, 1 week old in Iris snap size XS, over a newborn Workhorse diaper

newborn baby diaper duo 6 pound baby XSmall, 2 weeks old, about 6 pounds, over small flat birdseye diaper.

small over red edge prefold Size small cover over a medium red edge prefold with the front folded down, Snappi fastened, on a 4 month old 17 pound baby. Our chart below says small or novice prefolds for size small covers, but you can get the medium under it by folding down the extra length of the prefold to fit it in there.

billy buttons standing baby 9 mo 21 pounds 9 months old, 21 pounds in size medium hook and loop Thirsties cover over a Cloth-eez prefold (trifolded, placed into the center of the cover). Mom says, "I like this Thirsties Cover better than the snap, it seems to have a higher rise (therefore, more coverage!)"

kneeling baby medium showing current style of hook and loop closure

thirsties baby sittingMedium on 9 month old 16 pound baby. Plenty of room, comfy in all the many positions of baby.

thirstiesRoomy but works well. Medium on same 16 pound 9 month old. These wrap around the leg lower than some styles. The style and sizing are different.

What fits with what prefold fits with what size cover?  I prefer matching the prefold to the cover size (medium cover with medium prefold) so that they do not need folding down or smooshing down or tucking in (the combinations without the arrow pointing to them), but do what works for you. You can choose to size-up the prefolds but you'll need to smoosh down or fold down the extra length to fit them in. (See the arrows: XS Thirsties Cover can go with a small yellow edge prefold, and medium Thirsies Cover can go with a large brown edge prefold.) Many people do that and like the bigger diapers in there. Bigger diapers means more absorbency and you can skip buying a size of diapers. The diapers come down a bit in rise when you fasten the prefold, making them easier to fit the larger diapers in the smaller covers.  Either way works. Thirsties also fit over just about any fitted diaper easily because they are roomy.   Roomy means less tucking in.   Roomy also means that it can be better to fasten the prefold under this.  It is possibly to just trifold the prefold, but on a smaller bottom-shape the trifold might slip around in there because of the roomy cut of the cover so fastening the prefold might be preferred under this cover.

 Thirsties run larger and taller at waist than Cloth-eez Wrap but both this and Cloth-eez Wrap are roomy in the rear.  Cloth-eez Wrap is shorter in the front than this Cover. 

thirsties with prefold diapers

 Size large is larger than the size 2 Thirsties Duo cover.

2 year old size large Size Large over an XLarge Workhorse diaper. This is one of the few covers that fits really well over the XL Workhorse. This child is 2 years old and 30 pounds. Old style hook and loop is shown and the bird print is no longer available, but the fit of the large cover is still the same as shown in this picture in the new colors..

Size Large Thirsties cover is the next size up from the Thirsties Duo size 2 cover.

Wonderful over Workhorse diapers.


large prefold Size Large cover shown with a size large brown edge prefold inside

large prefoldSize Large cover shown with a XL toddler green edge prefold. This is one of the few covers that you can really get XL toddler size prefold into easily.

Newborn/Preemie (hook and loop only) 4  to 10  pounds
XSmall 6  to 12  pounds
Small 12 to 18 pounds
Medium 18 to 28  pounds
Large 28 to 40  pounds


The Covers are roomier inside than most covers.  Fastening the diaper helps under this cover.

Thirsties Cover

Snap or Hook/Loop

Recommended size
Cloth-eez Prefold

(if bold, this is the best fit, but fit preferences vary a lot!)

Recommended size

Cloth-eez  Workhorse Fitted
NB/Preemie (H/L only)

Preemie purple edge

Newbie grey edge prefold
Fitted diaper not recommended

Newbie grey edge,

Newborn orange edge prefold 

(it can be possible to get a small or novice prefold in an XS cover)

Newborn or Small

Novice light green,

Small yellow edge prefold

(it can be possible to get a medium or intermediate prefold in a small cover)

Small or Medium

Medium red,

Intermediate light blue or

Large brown edge prefold


Brown edge Large prefold or

Dark Green edge Toddler XL (XL fits if diaper is fastened; too long if diaper is pad-folded but can be pushed down in to fit)

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