Try both cloth diaper kit size newborn boy
try both cloth diaper kit size newborn girl
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Try Both Kit - Newborn

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Not sure if you want to use prefolds or fitted diapers? Try both.  12 diaper changes.  Free Cloth-eez Wrap diaper cover included, a savings of $12.99. 

Size Newborn, birth to 10 pounds

6 Cloth-eez Prefolds - Size newborn, organic unbleached

6 Cloth-eez Workhorse Diapers - Size Newborn

Cloth-eez Wrap size One

2 Thirsties Duo Wrap Snaps size One

1 pair of GMD Slide Lock Pins - yellow

1 triple pack Snappi Fasteners

The amounts of each item are already figured out for you. 

This kit contains a dozen diapers, 3 covers and a optional fasteners.  12 diaper changes in a kit makes the selection process easy for you.  A free Cloth-eez Wrap is included, too.

How-to Tip: Diaper covers (the outer) can usually be re-used through several changes. Change just diaper (the inner absorbency part) and put the same cover back on for a few changes, or alternate between 2 covers at each change. This works because the inside of the waterproof cover is not absorbent.  Just change the prefold or the Workhorse and re-use the waterproof outer cover several times before washing it. Change the cover if soiled or if it becomes too damp or gets odors. 

You wash your hands after a diaper change anyhow, so if you happen to need to freshen up a cover before laundry day, just wash it out when you are washing your hands. Covers dry quickly.

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