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LanaCare Original Merino Wool Cover (Soaker) - Daytime

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LanaCare Merino Wool Cover. Original/Daytime Soaker. Extremely soft wool pull-on. Made in Lithuania.

Size Large, 20 to 30 pounds -  sold out

Size XLarge, 30+ pounds - sold out

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Woolen Diaper Cover (Soaker) in soft KbT-Certified organic wool. Merino wool is perhaps the softest, most luxurious wool in the world. This is trim fitting as wool pull-ons go, because it's substantial through the wet zone but trimmer at the sides, as you can see in the picture if you look closely. It's a very nice choice in this style for daytime use. There is also a night version with an added layer of wool which is excellent for nighttime. This wool is so soft I could use it to cover my pillow next to my face (and I used say  "I am allergic to wool", since I am very uncomfortable and itchy in wool sweaters. Diaper wool is not like commercial wool! Really!)

Sizes Small and Medium have a small amount elastic thread sewn in to the waist.  You can see this in the product pictures when these sizes are available. Sizes Small and Medium are not currently available in the Day version but are available in the Night version. 

Size Large and XL have an adjustable elasticized waist.   The adjustment opening is on the outside so no elastic touches baby; only soft merino wool. This wool does not have any Lycra, spandex or polyester in it. It is really 100% merino wool so you don't get stinkies like you can with the kind that are a blend and contain synthetics. You have to feel this cover to believe it. The picture does not do justice to this cover. Designed in Denmark, produced in Lithuania. Don't forget your wool care products. When it is time to wash it, please wash by hand in a proper wool wash to keep it soft and in shape. This cover is terrific because it is oh-so-soft.

LanaCare Wool Cover Size Compare

See this LanaCare Wool Cover on a baby.

*Night weight covers are also available. Night are thicker, containing more wool, thus more absorbency. Regular style is 2 layers of wool and Night style is 3 layers of wool. Night weight seams are on the outside.

Please inspect carefully before washing; washed items are not returnable. Please do not pull or cut loose threads; this will cause holes. Most loose threads are left loose on purpose in the manufacturing process and will felt up and "lock" naturally with washing. If you have any question about the integrity of the knit please send a photo to prior to washing. 

Hand wash and air dry only.


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