Wool diaper doubler booster insert set

Ruskovilla Wool Nappy Booster

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Wool Nappy Booster (also called doubler) is 3 layers of wool made of the same lovely material as the Ruskovilla Nappy Pants and Shorts.   Add this wool doubler on the outside of the absorbent inner diaper but inside the wool diaper cover.  This creates more layers of wool in the wet zone without extra bulk where you don't need it.  

32x12 cm, or about 12.5 inches by 4.75 inches.   3 layers.

Sold in packages of 2.  Order one pack and you receive 2 boosters.

Certified and mulesing-free organic merino wool comes from Argentina and Uruguay. No dyes.

The package includes two organic wool boosters sized approximately 32x12cm. In order to improve the absorbency, hand wash before first use. 

Made out of 100% certified and breathable organic merino wool. 

We recommend that you wash by hand.

Ruskovilla Wash and Care Information: "No washing required before first use. Airing reduces the need for washing. Do not air or dry in direct sunlight or near a heating source. Hand wash or with 30 degree C hand wash/wool program in a washing machine. Sonett's wool and silk washing liquid and gall soap for stain removal recommended. Smooth into shape when wet. Contains no mothproofing: storage in an air-tight plastic bag."

Hand-made in Artjärvi Finland.

Notes from Karen: This goes next to wool diaper cover, not next to baby. This is too thick to be a liner.  It has 3 layers and it is for placing outside the absorbency, not next to baby. Why?  Wool is a slow absorber, so pee would not get through it easily enough. Cotton is a fast absorber so use the wool booster after the cotton absorbency to prevent compression leaks.   These are great to boost the effectiveness of your wool covers for long car rides or when using some versions of carriers that place a lot of pressure on the wet zone. It's a lovely, soft extra boost of thick wool where you need it most. 

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