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Disana Boiled Wool Pants

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Wool pants in organic merino wool are soft and gentle on skin, perfect for play or use as pajama pants.  Wool pants help keep the sheets dry!  Hidden inside the wool waistband is a gentle elastic for a nice fit.

  • wide elastic cuffs at waist and ankle so they hold up while playing or wriggling
  • 100% organic merino wool

Disana boiled wool baby pants pumphose  Roomy fit!

pants for baby that fit over cloth diapers 

This version is made of lighter weight boiled wool than the old heavyweight version which is no longer made.  These are 260g/m² light boiled wool. The thickness is like a good pair of sweatpants for comparison. Flexible and comfortable. I call these mid-weight. They provide more warmth than the Disana Leggings and a have roomy shape and style.  These are thicker than Babee Greens Wool Pants.  Perfect for all year long. One layer. 

Style number 3351, also called Pumphose or Bloomers in Germany, but in the USA we call them pants.  GOTS certified organic boiled wool baby pants cut for cloth diapers made in Germany.  

Gorgeous soft wool baby pants. As with all Disana Brand wools, they are made of 100% organic merino wool. They are soft and not scratchy like commercial wool. Wool is soothing to babies and they love it. It does not need to be washed often. Just wear it again and again and simply air it out between uses. When it is time to wash it, please wash by hand in a proper wool wash to keep it soft and in shape. Hand wash only. Made in Germany.

Size chart

Disana pumphose bloomers pants size chart

Inseam measured crotch to the bottom of the cuff:

62/68 3-6 months inseam is about 7.5 inches

74-80 6-12 months inseam is about 8 inches

86/92 12-24 months inseam is about 10 inches

98/104 3-4 years inseam is about 12.5 inches

Disana pumphose pants crotch measurementSize 74-80 6-12 months size showing inseam 7.5 inches. This picture is too dark. The grey color is lighter than this picture shows it. 

  Roomy in the rear.  These are clothing made to fit correctly over cloth diapers. The fit and feel is like a soft pair of sweatpants. 

Notes from Karen about wool:

Wool is amazing. It is naturally water resistant and it also absorbs, but only slowly. So the cotton takes up moisture quickly and the wool will take up moisture eventually but only after the cotton is saturated. The exterior of the wool fiber is hydrophobic, which means it will repel water, while the interior of the fiber is hygroscopic, which absorbs water. This means that the wool can absorb up to a third of its weight in moisture without feeling wet or losing warmth. Wool is amazing, indeed. Since these are pants, if you don't have a cover under it, then you really need to have a nicely-fitting diaper on first, such as a correctly fitting fitted diaper or well-fastened prefold or flat. The pee must hit the cotton first to give the cotton the chance to absorb. If the diaper sags far away from baby's bottom, then the "splash down" effect can occur. The pee basically misses the cotton and since wool isn't plastic, don't expect it to work like plastic. It's not waterproof like plastic. It's wool. The pee needs to hit the cotton first to work properly.  These roomy pants aren't going to "hold up" the diaper next to the baby, thus, using a cover over the diaper is usually a good idea. However, these are great for EC. If you try wool, you are likely to be amazed and fall in love with wool.  I think wool really is much more enjoyable than synthetic fabrics. 

Afraid of hand washing?  It's not that bad. If you keep the poop off the wool, you might not ever wash them after the first hand wash, or if you do, only rarely.  Wipe up spills or spit up promptly and wool doesn't get stinky like synthetics do. Amazing natural beauty!

"If I were to have another baby, I'd own two pairs in each size and use these pretty much constantly after the newborn time. I don't need half of the stuff I had with my other little ones. Live and learn." said an experienced older mama.


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