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Disana Merino Wool Leggings

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Disana merino wool pants are soft and stretchy knit baby pants. They can be used a lightweight diaper cover, as pajama bottoms over your night cloth diaper setup or as clothing.  GOTS certified. 

62/68   3-6 months

74/80   6-12 months

86/92   12-24 months

98/104  3 - 4 years 

110/116 5-6 years

Babee Greens wool pictures link

Baby wearing organic wool leggings Disana grey wool leggings on a baby sitting with a green wool sweater

These run big but it is easy to roll up the legs.   More pictures

Beautiful Disana wool in a leggings style.  Super comfy. Nothing restricting baby's movement and so cuddly! Great pajama bottoms or as pants.  Suitable for a boy or a girl.  It's not really enough wool to be a diaper cover on its own, unless you change very often or EC (elimination communication) but it is enough wool to make a difference.  It is a single layer, whereas the Disana wool pull-on soaker is two layers and knit differently.  It works very well as a layer over a diaper and cover because it is wool. Cotton pants will get wet, but wool leggings do "wool magic".  They both resist and absorb, so it's ok if the top of the pants "fall in" to the front of the diaper or if bindings get damp, as sometimes can happen. It's wool so that is fine! No wicking with wool.   

I love natural fibers and I don't use synthetics on myself or my baby at night.  I sleep better in natural fibers and I think baby does, too.  Wool is known to be temperature regulating. That means it is warm when it needs to be and cool when it needs to be.  That sounds odd, but once you experience natural organic wool, you'll know what this means and you'll love it too. When it is time to wash it, please wash it by hand. It will come with detailed instructions.  Made in Germany.  GOTS certified organic.  

Use them over and over again without washing them. 

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