Disana Leggings

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Disana leggins on kids Sizes for big kids too.

grey Disana merino wool leggings

leggins and blankets Grey leggins on baby with Disana Honeycomb Blanket in the background. Disana wool colors coordinate across the brand. Enjoy lovely GOTS certified organic wool from Disana in Germany.

Disana wool leggings on a baby playing 

rose wool leggings on a girl Rose

disana leggings orange on a girl walking Orange

These are Disana leggings in color red in size 86/92.  The toddler is 21 months old and weighs 27 pounds.  


 grey disana leggings on baby Size 50/56 newborn grey on a 6 week old who weighs 11.5 pounds.

newborn baby in organge Disana leggins size 50-56 Size 50-56 size newborn (tag says 0-3 months)

disana wool leggin62-68 size small, (tag says 3-6 months) on an 8 month old, same baby in next picture

wool baby pants 62-68 size small, (tag says 3-6 months) on an 8 months old

natural wool leggings   

Anthracite black baby leggings Anthracite.  Lovely black leggings for your little one. 

medium blue wool leggings 74-80 size 6-12 months

disana leggings on 6 month old baby size small 6 months, 17 pounds, size Small 62-68 (tag 3-6 months). Shown over a just a Snug to Fit fitted diaper (no cover). Total comfort. Note that she is 6 months old and needs the pants are rolled up twice in size small.

Wonderful as pajama bottoms. Not thick enough as a nighttime cover, but over a diaper and cover this provides that extra layer of protection to keep sheets dry. When cotton pants are used, if there is any dampness, the cotton pants will become damp. But with wool pants, that doesn't happen that way, because it's wool. Or use as pants over your diaper and cover anytime you want extra assurance of no leaks. Re-use over and over before washing. Wool stays fresh for a long time. They will become your favorite pants. So soft and comfy!

These run really big. You can roll up the legs easily, though so they fit for a while.

disana legging are comfortable Enjoy as favorite pants, too.

How does wool work? See it demonstrated:

The video shows the Disana Leggings but the wool cover works the in the same manner, but even better because the cover version is 2 layers and the leggings are one layer. Wool resists moisture but the cotton absorbs moisture quickly. Then when the diaper is soaked and pressed onto the wool cover, the wool will become damp. That is great! The wool will take up the extra moisture INSTEAD of the moisture coming out and leaking. Then, just air out the wool and let it dry. It will be ready to use again soon and will air out to fresh. After a while (usually 1 week or several weeks or more depending on use, age of baby and how wet you let them get between diaper changes,) you hand wash it gently. It's easy.

Please note that they do shrink with use. Please use a good woolwash or gentle bar soap.

hand wash your wool

These measurements are before washing so please expect shrinkage. Wool does shrink. Measurements are approximate.

inseam measurements Disana Leggings

These run big. You can roll up the legs easily though.

50-56 size newborn, tag says 0-3 months

62-68 size small, tag says 3-6 months

74-80 size medium tag says 6-12 months

86-92 size large, tag says 12-24 months

98-104 size 2T-3T

110-116 size 4T-5T

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