Disana wool blanket honeycomb caramel light brown
Disana honeycomb merino wool baby blanket grey
Disana Honeycomb Blanket Natural
Disana honeycomb merino wool baby blanket olive green
Disana honeycomb merino wool blanket rose pink
Disana honeycomb merino wool baby blanket wrapped around a baby

Disana Honeycomb Blanket - Baby

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Disana Honeycomb Blanket  80x100 cm, which in inches is 35.1" x 39.4"

Lovely honeycomb pattern knit merino wool blanket made in Germany.  GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile Standard) organic.

This is a beautiful honeycomb knitted masterpiece that is pure, natural wool with all its great properties. It is as light as a feather yet forms a protective barrier around your child. It is cuddly and warm, yet also balances out the temperature. It is soft and cozy. Anyone who has ever stroked the Disana Honeycomb woolen baby blanket will share our enthusiasm for organic textiles.  Made in Germany. 

New! Now available in grown-up size!

Disana honeycomb organic merino wool baby blanket natural wrapped around a baby gots

Disana honeycomb baby blanket olive Disana organic wool baby blanket wrapped around baby Disana Honeycomb blanket baby toes  The honeycomb knit style produces two sides that are slightly different from each other. One size is mostly smooth and the other size has more honeycomb shape to it.  Both sides are lovely and used interchangeably without even noticing, but this picture of baby toes in rose shows the unique knit of both sides of the wool blanket quite nicely.

  Generously sized and lovely.

Honeycomb Blanket Olive.Disana Honeycomb Blanket Naturalrose pink merino wool baby blanket caramel honeycomb wool baby blanket 

wool baby blanket on chair

disana honeycombe wool blanket grey outside

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