Cloth-eez Birth to 15 Pounds Kit

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 This is all you need to cloth diaper from birth to about 5 months old.

Stock Status:   In stock. Usually ships in 24 hours.   Unbleached organic kit will restock in late April. 

This kit is for those who know they want to use cloth diapers.

Definition: The diaper is the absorbent part and the cover is the waterproof part that goes over the diaper.

This kit includes 6 dozen prefolds, 10 diaper covers, 48 cloth wipes and some diaper fasteners

  • 1 dozen Newbie grey edge  (Why this size?  New babies are little, even 9 pound newborn babies are still newborn babies.   This lighter weight size is great at first and if baby is early they are really nice to have.  Fold down the front as needed and that helps keep the cover away from the cord stump.  Then later and all the way to potty learning these become your doublers. You will already have the doublers on hand when you need them.  They will be very useful for a long time.)
  • 2 dozen Newborn orange edge organic prefolds (Why these?  They are the perfect newborn diaper for the first 4-6 weeks and this is the backbone of your newborn organic diaper stash.)
  • 1 dozen Novice light green edge organic prefolds  (Why these?   This dozen ensures that you have enough diapers and you don't run out.  New babies go through a lot of diapers in a day!  Babies also grow quickly so when baby suddenly outgrows the newborn prefolds you have something that fits and you can get them on a new baby even though they'll be a bit big. Although newborn babies still get fed and changed during the night, sometimes babies do sleep a longer stretch and these diapers are bigger and more absorbent than the newborn orange edge so they are great for those times when you can go longer between changes.  
  • 2 dozen Small yellow edge organic prefold (so you have 3 dozen of the "small" sizes total with 2 being  yellow edge and 1 dozen being light green edge.) 
  • 3 Cloth-eez Wraps size Zero - these are for the cord time and will fit until about 10 pounds or so.  These are used over the Newbie grey edge and the Newborn Orange Edge prefolds 
  • 6 Cloth-eez Wraps size One -  these are used from birth to about 15 pounds over any of the prefolds in the kit.  i
  • 1 Cloth-eez Wrap size Two - this can be used at the smallest rise setting over either the Novice light green or Small yellow edge prefolds but will also continue to be used over the medium prefolds you'll buy later on.  We include this because babies sometimes grow overnight and you need the next size on hand suddenly.  It is good to have a spare in the next size so that you can recognize when it's time for the next size.   You can use a cover that is too big on baby and make it work, but you can't if it's too small.  Having an extra on hand in the next size up is a good idea and it adjusts down quite well.
  • 4  packs Cloth-eez Birdseye Wipes made of organic unbleached in the unbleached kit or Cloth-eez Birdseye Wipes White in the classic and organic white kit (so that the color matches the diapers), 12 wipes per pack which is 48 wipes.   Yes, you need this many.  You'll use them all the time and keep using them all the way to potty learning time.
  • 1  pair of GMD Slide Lock Pins in case you want to give pinning a try.   
  • 1 Snappi Fastener Triple Pack.  Fastening is optional but you might prefer it.

The free 16 page GMD How-To Wash Diapers Booklet is also included.

If you just know that you want cotton touching your baby's bottom, this is all you need for about the first five months.     

You might add a wet bag and a diaper pail liner or hanging wet bag to your order if you want those additional accessories.  

Which version to choose?   Either of the white cotton versions (regular cotton or organic white) are usually preferred because the they require fewer prep cycles to get them ready. Unbleached cotton retains its natural cotton oils which can take many wash cycles to get it off of the diapers before the diapers become absorbent. But some people do like the tan color.  All versions of the cotton do not contain any optical brighteners.  Our white cotton is still creamy-white, not bright white.   


Prefold size chart:



White or Unbleached


Made Of Organic

Approx. Weight / Age Before Washing Measurements, inches.
Approx width by length after washing, inches
Preemie (small preemie)


2-6-2 ply

$13/dozen $15/dozen premature or as doublers 11x11.5 9.5x10
Newbie (large preemie)


2-6-2 ply

$18/dozen $20/dozen premature or newborn 12.5x13.5 11x11


4-8-4 ply

$25/dozen $28/dozen 6-10 lbs, 0-6 weeks 12x13 11x11

light green

4-6-4 ply



9-15 lbs, birth to 5 months 14.5x15.5 12.5x13.5


4-8-4 ply



10-15 lbs, 6 weeks to 5 months 14.25x15.25 12.5x13.5


4-6-4 ply

$35/dozen $37/dozen 13-25 lbs, 4-20 months 16.25x17.5 14.5x15


4-8-4 ply

$37/dozen $39/dozen 14-29 lbs, 4-20 months 15x18 13x15.5


4-8-4 ply

$40/dozen $45/dozen 20-35 lbs, 9-36 months 16.5x20 15x18
X-Large green 4-8-4 ply $45/dozen $49/dozen 28-40 lbs


Sizes shown AFTER FULL SHRINKAGE are approximate. Sizes overlap and are approximate. Link to Prefold diapers.

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Kehau M.
California California
Love GMD

Baby isn’t here yet but already love these! The package made it so easy to know what to buy & after a few washes (following their instruction booklet which is GOLD) they’re absorbent and ready to go!

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