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Double weave gauze. Made of organically grown unbleached cotton.   This fabric stays the softest of all of the natural fiber diapers. Quantity discount savings. Save when buying in packages of 6.

Stock Status: In stock. Usually ships the same or next business day.

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Save when purchasing in packages of 6.



Newborn (birth to 2 months) 20" x 28" before washing, after washing about 19" x 27"

One-Size (2 months and up) 28" x 30"  before washing, after washing about 27.5" x 27.5"

Large (12 -35 pounds) 32" x 35" before washing, after washing about 28" x 31"


Need an even bigger size? This is also available in Swaddle/XLarge size.

How do you use a rectangular newborn flat?   Fold in one end and it becomes a square!   Then use the regular flat folds for square diapers from there, or just pad fold it.

  muslin flat diaper wrapped around a baby

Shown is a size One-Size wrapped around baby with ends tucked in. No pins or fastener.  Of course you can use a fastener but it works OK to wrap and tuck since a wrap style diaper cover put over it helps to hold it together. see more pictures.  There are many ways to use these.  It's not scary!   They wash up so easy and the fabric is just amazing. The rave reviews are real and true. Try a six-pack.  If you don't love them as diapers, you have the best dishcloths ever that will last for years and years.  Size Newborn is the perfect dish drying towel. You can't go wrong owning a pack of flats.

One-Size will work under size small covers or larger, but not size newborn, and will fit until potty learning.

Size Large gives you one more inch in one direction and five more inches in the other direction. For babies over age 1, this extra fabric can be nice to give you a little more absorbency. But if you start with size One-Size you will stay with that size all the way through. Large is just a bigger option for those starting with flats when baby is older as a different, larger option.

Size One-Size is about same size as our size Small/One-Size Birdseye Flat diaper, but this fabric is thicker so it is too big for newborn babies.

Made of organically grown unbleached cotton.   This fabric stays the softest of all of the natural fiber diapers.  

What is it? The words muslin and gauze mean the same thing. These are double weave, not the single weave that the popular swaddle blankets are. "Double weave" means that it is basically two layers of cloth woven together on the same loom at the same time to form one thicker layer. That's an oversimplification of the weaving process, but you end up with one layer of thicker fabric than you do from single weaving, yet it is still a one-layer fabric. Thicker means more absorbent, yet since it is still one layer, it has a nice, soft hand. It washes and dries easily and quickly!

This is another option for economical organic cloth diapering. It is like the made of Organic Birdseye Flat Diapers in size One-Size, or about a half inch bigger, but the sizes do vary due to shrinkage variations. These contain slightly more cotton so they are slightly more absorbent. The muslin (gauze) weave is a different weave, slightly thicker, than the birdseye weave, but they really are very similar. The absorbency is comparable to a size medium red edge prefold, whereas the Birdseye (Small/One-Size) is just bit less absorbent than these; closer to a size small yellow edge prefold or a bit more than a yellow edge small but less than a medium red edge prefold. These double weave muslin (gauze) will win in a side by side absorbency test. The birdseye is thus trimmer. So, that means that this muslin diaper is really too big on a newborn baby since it is bulkier.    

Since they are unbleached, please wash several times on hot before first use to prep them.  The natural cotton oils present in unbleached cotton must be washed off in those first several hot washes before full absorbency is reached.  Easy to wash, quick to dry. Made in Pakistan.

pinned muslin diaper close up 

They work just like the Birdseye Diaper. See pictures. This is a relatively new item and we don't have many pictures of this on a baby yet, but the Birdseye pictures are very relevant since they are so similar. Watch our exclusive GMD How To Fold Flat Diapers Video Tutorial!

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compare muslin and birdseye

Both of these Cloth-eez diapers start with the same organically grown cotton so the softness is very comparable even though they are woven differently.

Cloth-eez Muslin Diaper is an organic cotton double weave gauze diaper. Made in Pakistan.

Please wash several times in hot water before first use. Link to more washing information.



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Cynthia S.

Very happy with it

The mother I bought this for is very happy with it. I am very happy at how smooth your ordering and shipping is. I will definitely order more. Do you ship to Canada?

Allison T.

So soft and versatile!

We love our organic muslin flats! Although intimidating at first, I now find it fun to do the various customizable folds. They are also the softest and easiest to clean than any other diapers.

Clarissa W.
United States

Huge, Soft, & Fluffy

These flats are so fluffy & soft. I love them!


Wish I'd tried them sooner!

I've been using Cloth-eez prefolds for the last year (since kiddo was about 4 months) and been pretty happy with them so far. Kiddo is in the Large prefold now, and they weren't fitting around the waist quite like I wanted, plus were so bulky it was hard to find pants to fit. I bought a half dozen each birdseye and muslin flats to see if they would work better and OH MY GOSH I LOVE THESE THINGS!! They still have enough absorbency for a single pee, which works for us since we do elimination communication during the day and disposables at night, and I can get pants on over them, and they dry soooo much faster than the prefolds on the clothesline or in the dryer. I think they are cooler too which will be nice heading into summer. It only took me 2 days and 2 finger pricks to figure out how to use pins (had been using a Snappi with the prefolds). If anyone is on the fence, I say go for it!! And for the record, I think I prefer the muslin to the birdseye, but I can't really figure out why.

Ellen H.

Each wash they become softer and softer.

These are beautiful flats! Each wash they become softer and softer. Very absorbent! I can pad gold this flat, stuff in a pocket diaper, and have a all night diaper option. The possibilities with these flats are endless. Diapers, blanket, burp rag, bib, cleaning, towel, and the list goes on. Great investment!

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