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Cloth-eez Muslin Flats Size Chart
Approx. Weight and Age
Approx. Measurements, Before Washing, inches
Approx Measurements, After Washing, inches
5-12 lbs,
Birth to 2 months
20 x 28
19 x 27
12-35 lbs,
age 2 months and up
28 x 30
27.5 x 28

12-35 lbs,

age 2 months and up

32 x 35 28 x 31

Double weave gauze. Made of organically grown unbleached cotton.   This fabric stays the softest of all of the natural fiber diapers. Quantity discount savings. Save when buying in packages of 6.

Stock Status: In stock. Usually ships the same or next business day.


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Save when purchasing in packages of 6.    





Package of   Six

Approx. Weight / Age Measurements, Approx. Before Washing, inches Measurements, Approx.  after washing, inches



$12.50 per pack of six


5-12 lbs,

Birth to 2 months

20 x 28 19 x 27
One-Size $3.82 $19.95 per pack of six

12-35 lbs,

age 2 months and up

28x30 27.5 x28
Large $3.82 $19.95 per pack of six

12-35 lbs,

age 2 months and up

32x35 28 x31


 Size one-size wrapped around baby with ends tucked in. No pins or fastener.  Of course you can use a fastener but it works ok to wrap and tuck since a wrap style diaper cover put over it helps to hold it together. see more pictures.  There are many ways to use these.  It's not scary!   They wash up so easy and the fabric is just amazing. The rave reviews are real and true. Try a six-pack.  If you don't love them as diapers, you have the best dishcloths ever that will last for years and years.   You can't go wrong owning a pack of flats.

One-Size will work under size small covers or larger, but not size newborn, and will fit until potty learning.

Size Large gives you one more inch in one direction and five more inches in the other direction. For babies over age 1, this extra fabric can be nice to give you a little more absorbency. But if you start with size One-Size you will stay with that size all the way through. Large is just a bigger option for those starting with flats when baby is older as a different, larger option.

Size One-Size is about same size as our size Small/One-Size Birdseye Flat diaper, but this fabric is thicker so it is too big for newborn babies.

Made of organically grown unbleached cotton.   This fabric stays the softest of all of the natural fiber diapers.  

What is it? The words muslin and gauze mean the same thing. These are double weave, not the single weave that the popular swaddle blankets are. "Double weave" means that it is basically two layers of cloth woven together on the same loom at the same time to form one thicker layer. That's an oversimplification of the weaving process, but you end up with one layer of thicker fabric than you do from single weaving, yet it is still a one-layer fabric. Thicker means more absorbent, yet since it is still one layer, it has a nice, soft hand. It washes and dries easily and quickly!

This is another option for economical organic cloth diapering. It is like the made of Organic Birdseye Flat Diapers in size One-Size, or about a half inch bigger, but the sizes do vary due to shrinkage variations. These contain slightly more cotton so they are slightly more absorbent. The muslin (gauze) weave is a different weave, slightly thicker, than the birdseye weave, but they really are very similar. The absorbency is comparable to a size medium red edge prefold, whereas the Birdseye (Small/One-Size) is just bit less absorbent than these; closer to a size small yellow edge prefold or a bit more than a yellow edge small but less than a medium red edge prefold. These double weave muslin (gauze) will win in a side by side absorbency test. The birdseye is thus trimmer. So, that means that this muslin diaper is really too big on a newborn baby since it is bulkier.    

Since they are unbleached, please wash several times on hot before first use to prep them.  The natural cotton oils present in unbleached cotton must be washed off in those first several hot washes before full absorbency is reached.  Easy to wash, quick to dry. Made in Pakistan.

pinned muslin diaper close up 

They work just like the Birdseye Diaper. See pictures. This is a relatively new item and we don't have many pictures of this on a baby yet, but the Birdseye pictures are very relevant since they are so similar. Watch our exclusive GMD How To Fold Flat Diapers Video Tutorial!

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compare muslin and birdseye

Both of these Cloth-eez diapers start with the same organically grown cotton so the softness is very comparable even though they are woven differently.

Cloth-eez Muslin Diaper is an organic cotton double weave gauze diaper. Made in Pakistan.

Please wash several times before first use. Link to more washing information.


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Sondra H.
United States

Love these OS Muslin flats

Love these. Very soft, easy to wash easy to dry and easy to fold.

Carrie K.

Production problems?¿

The muslin itsself is great but the stitching isn't my first batch came out on the first wash and they sent new ones that did the exact same thing! I've gotten the Birdseye flats and they held up very well it's been over 2 years and their still great so I don't know what's going in twith these, but they absorb very well after about 10 washes, I resewed the stitching in mine and have been using them it was a pain with a 2 year old and a newborn baby to get out my ancient sewing machine, oil it and re sew them all but at least their finally working

Carrie K. verified customer review of Cloth-eez Organic Muslin Flat Diapers - COUPONCarrie K. verified customer review of Cloth-eez Organic Muslin Flat Diapers - COUPONCarrie K. verified customer review of Cloth-eez Organic Muslin Flat Diapers - COUPON
Green Mountain Diapers

We apologize for the problem with the stitching on your diapers. Thank you for contacting us directly with quality issues at

Karina B.

Love these soft Flats

These have been a great nighttime solution for us and I love how soft they are even after repeated washing. I pair it with a hemp booster for at night and have had zero leaks or wetness irritation.

Jamie G.

Lovely material!

Washing and drying these flats six times before using them is always a pain, but necessary for absorption. They are so soft. I purchased the one-size and now wish I had purchased the large. My baby girl is a small, nearly 7 month old about 15 lbs. I use the origami fold and wanted a square piece of material (reason for purchasing the one-size.) The diapers fit okay for now, but there is not much room for growth. Depending on the fold, maybe these would work for petite toddlers, but I just can't see it, honestly. Anyway, if I have to order up soon and go through the washing process again, I'll probably boil these in a pot and use them for kitchen towels. By the way, for anyone not sure what these feel like, they are not thin, gauzy, and super stretchy like some muslin diapers I've purchased. I actually love those as well, especially for newborns and small babies. But, these are more blanket-like, soft and thick. They are not scratchy, and they are not thin. But, if you use them with a Cloth-eez white cover, they fit under clothing just fine and don't even need to be worn with just a t-shirt. Anyway, I think they make a nice, soft comfy diaper, no leaks or huge messes so far, and not too bulky, and easy to wash and dry. Just wish they were a little bigger- and came pre-washed six times! Haha!

Green Mountain Diapers

Thank you for your review. We do have this same diaper in size Large; if purchasing for a baby who is moving out of size Small covers go ahead and start with size Large. Regarding boiling diapers, the GMD recommendation is not to do this as it poses a burn hazard and cotton can be damaged by boiling temperatures. Prep these by throwing them in every load of laundry you are doing and they will be ready before you know it. Thank you for shopping with GMD!


Great flat

Did not like the newborn size because it was more rectangular and I did not know how to fold it except to jelly roll and that ended up quite bulky and was hard to use. If I had known it was rectangle I would have sized up and just folded in fourths and then done kite fold. I like the one size as it is more square and I can do the kite fold to contain those liquid breastfed BMs. This is one of my favorite flats, and as flats are my favorite type of diaper, one of my favorite diapers. It is soft, but I am torn between this and Disana's flats. This is softer than Disana, and I consider softness an important factor to me in diapering a newborn, especially with a does-not-like-diapers baby. Also, this is a bit larger than Disana's one size, which I loved early on because I could fold in fourths and do kite fold when she was a preemie, and I could not do Kite fold with this in size newborn (as far as I know). But she will outgrow that one in kite fold before this one now.

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