Cloth-eez Flat Birdseye Diapers - Organic

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 Old-fashioned birdseye diapers made of organic unbleached cotton.  

Stock Status: In stock is size One-Size and size Large.  

We also have white in stock.

pictures of baby in flat diapers link

Size Half   -  made of Organic unbleached cotton  off-white edge stitch, for preemies or small newborns 4-8 pounds as a diaper, or to potty learning as a doubler for extra absorbency, approximate size 16 x 27.5 inches after washing.

Size One-Size   -  made of Organic unbleached cotton   red edge stitch 6-35+ pounds. 29x29 before washing and shrinks to approximately 28x26.75 inches.

Size Large  -  made of Organic unbleached cotton   off-white edge stitch 13-40 pounds. 33x35 before washing and shrinks to around 30x30 inches. 

Size Large is a special custom wide-width fabric sewn to shrink to as close to a perfect square as we can get it to be. All of our square birdseye flats are made to be as square as is possible.  Our Size Large may be the biggest size birdseye flats available in the USA.

See this on a baby and find the how-to fold flats video link.

The organic version is tan in color and still contains the natural cotton oils which must be washed off before full absorbency is reached. Doing these initial wash cycles is called prepping.  The white version already has the natural cotton oils removed so fewer initial prep cycles are needed.   

All measurements are approximate.   

100% cotton birdseye diapers. "One-Size" means one-size can fit from birth to potty learning, or is a one-size fits all size.

We also have a special larger size called size Large. Size large shrinks to about 30x30 inches after washing and are 33x35 inches before washing. 

Our one-size isn't very small.  In fact, our "one-size" is larger than some other brands size large.   Our size Large is great if you happen to like doing the origami fold on an older baby but the one-size are good for most other folds on any baby of any age. I think the size large is too much diaper for a newborn and it can be unwieldy to fold.  Most will be happy with the "one-size" size from birth to potty learning.

Use size Half as doublers in your flats:  You can add the Size Half birdseye to another diaper when you need more absorbency but don't want the bulk of double-diapering.  They also are the perfect dishcloths. 

Now, birdseye is a variable fabric and they will never be perfect squares consistently with any brand due to the nature of the fabric, but these are usually reasonably square which does help make folding easier and we strive to make them as square as we possibly can. While these are not expensive at all, they truly are better than other brands for both fabric quality and squareness. I hope you love them as much as I do. They are very nice, high quality cotton birdseye weave.

Easy-washing, real 100% cotton. Made in Pakistan.  Flats don't get diaper stink. You don't need to strip your diapers when you use flats because they really do wash up nicely and easily.

Learn how to fold flat diapers and see this on a baby.

FREE pair of pins is available with purchase of this item but you must add the pins to the cart in order to receive them. Free pins link.

 Birdseye Flat Diapers One Size

half size organic flat birdseye diaper large birdseye flat diapers

Please wash several times before first use to remove the natural cotton oils. Link to more washing information.

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Mokahanna S.
Texas Texas

I love these for use in kitchen!

This was y 1st time trying the [size Half] for kitchen hand towels & I really like them. they work well for our family.

Karyn D.
Virginia Virginia

Great quality

I’ve been cloth diapering over the last ten years, only with my last three children did I start using flats instead of prefolds. Because HE machines are notoriously bad at cleaning diapers, I wanted the best chance at complete cleaning so we switched to flats to lay inside our Thirsties and also for folding inside my homemade wool flats. Baby #5 is coming, and I bought a couple more dozen organic flats (I had gotten OsoCozy before and I prefer these! The seams don’t roll up in laundering, which can make folding more rumply and bulky on the baby) but I also love to cut and use these to cover my leaven, hem quarters and use as cloth napkins, or hang curds in for draining whey off homemade cheese! Awesome quality cotton fabric with many wonderful purposes.

Green Mountain Diapers Cloth-eez Flat Birdseye Diapers - Organic Review
Rachel V.
Kentucky Kentucky

Flat Birdseye OS

New to flats, previously using GMD fitteds only and I really enjoy these! So soft, absorbent, and trim!

Green Mountain Diapers Cloth-eez Flat Birdseye Diapers - Organic Review
A Green Mountain Diapers Customer
Yvonda G.
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania

I love these diapers!

I'm so happy to have these organic flat diapers again! I used some with my last baby, along with a hemparoo in a Flip cover-- best setup ever! (And I've tried so many cloth diaper systems.) I love hanging these on the line; it's one of life's simple pleasures. Thank you GMD for making these available!

Caroline W.
New York New York

Good for packing

I’ve been using workhorses with my now 7 month old but decided to try flats with the hopes of cloth diapering while traveling. It’s true they dry very fast, seem to be the most compact for packing(just a little less bulky than muslin flats), and aren’t as intimidating as I thought. I use a pad fold and it’s a trimmer fit than a workhorse and much prefer them to prefolds(no need for snappi with flats). I love these!

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