Disana Wool Pull-On Cover


Disana Wool Pull-On is a natural wool 2-layer pull-on diaper cover. An excellent natural, soft, breathable nighttime option. Made in Germany.

 50-56  tag says 0-3 months (we suggest 6 - 11 lbs) natural only (new smaller size!)  

 62-68  tag says 3-6 months (we suggest 6 - 13 lbs)

 74-80  tag says 6-12 months (we suggest 11 - 19 lbs)

 86-92  tag says 12-24 months (we suggest 17 - 28 lbs.)

 98-104 tag says 2-3 years (we suggest 21 - 35 lbs.) 

110-116  tag says 4-5 years, made in natural only, (30- 40+ lbs.)  This larger item is available here.

Sizing note - We don't agree with the labeled tag suggested ages, so we have listed our own suggested pound ranges in addition to what the tag says.  We feel this is more accurate in our experience, because of the normal and expected shrinkage of the wool. However, they will be big at first when they are still new. Wool changes with use. Notice the overlap of weights. A customer favorite! Please read instructions provided with your order and see our short instructional videos.

Stock Status: In stock. Usually ships the same or next business day.

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one week old in Disana Wool diaper cover See this on more babies

Exclusive to Green Mountain Diapers!  Curry and Rose.

curry wool pull onCurry (golden color)

rose wool pull onSoft rose (pink color)


Why wool? Wool is breathable. This cover is a favorite at nighttime because once prepared it virtually never leaks. The wool is totally untreated and is naturally antibacterial thus doesn't retain odors. Is wool itchy? Commercial wool can be, but this wool is untreated and wonderfully soft. Don't be afraid to try wool! This style has been loved for generations because it is so effective. The 2 layer double knit stretches for a gentle and comfortable fit over a very wide size range. A must for the family bed! Nighttime heavy wetter? This is the answer. It's cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Yes, really! That's because it's so breathable. Wool does need to be hand washed, and occasional lanolization is helpful. But washing is needed only very infrequently, sometimes only once a month. Wool airs out to fresh easily. View our video of how to wash wool here. Don't forget your wool care products. This wool is produced according to the organic standards. Lovely Merino wool. It was called Demeter Certified Organic, which is the highest of pure standards. Those standards are still maintained for beautiful Disana wools. Disana is a wonderful family business located in Germany, dedicated for 2 generations to organic wools and cottons, long before "organic" became a "thing". These are positively beautiful covers. It is knitted wool. We like nice long legs this has. No leg gaps with this one! Once fully broken in, the performance is great. Once prepared, I have never, ever had a leak from one! I think this is the only cover I can can say that about, under even my kiddo's hard and deliberate testing - pushing diapers and covers to their limits. It might be too small in the legs on extremely chubby legs. It is designed to shrink some, and should be prepared by handwashing and felting somewhat (shrunk a bit) before first use. Never machine wash this cover. Do not put it in the dryer. Gently hand wash only. Be sure to add the free How-To Booklet to your cart which has instructions on how to prepare them for use. It is normal and expected for the very fine merino wool to pill with use because it is very soft wool. It's OK to size up if you are in the upper end of the weight ranges that we suggest as they do shrink. Handwash only. Made in Germany.


  Disana wool pull on currydisana merino wool rose pinkDisana wool soaker blueDisana wool soaker greengreyhazelnutDisana wool soaker natural organic wool diaper coverDisana wool soaker nabydisana wool soaker plum purplered    

We have the BIGGEST SIZE! It's on a different page. Size 110-116, tag says 4-5 years, made in natural only. This larger item is available here.

disana brand brand page.

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Anna K.

Love them!

This has been our bullet-proof nighttime cover since newborn days! We just bought the second-largest size and I’m getting nostalgic about the tiny babe we once had!

Kara K.
United States


The only cover I've used overnight that hasn't leaked! It's so soft too. I wish I had started using these from day one.

kelsey c.

Best cover ever

Never had a single leak with my heavy wetter while wearing over night! So glad I found this cover!

Eileen A.

I was Nervous about trying wool

I was nervous about trying wool covers. I love them with both the work horse and the flats. They are very absorbent. Will definitely be investing in more of all three.

Eileen A. verified customer review of Disana Wool Pull-On Cover
A Green Mountain Diapers Customer

Absolutely love these!

My chunky monkey loves these wool covers, almost as much as I do! They are my go-to every time, and I find them much more effective at avoiding leaks than regular covers. They’re easy to put on, and honestly they just look more comfortable! We have three of them now, which is absolutely perfect for making sure we have one dry at all times, with one to spare in case of a poopy leak. They wash easily and dry well—-just wash and leave for about 24 hours (I flip them inside out after about 12 hours to speed things up) and you’re good to go. Here’s my little man wearing the 3-6 month size at a tiny four months, and a very chunky 7 1/2 months. It still fits quite well and I expect we will quite easily go another 2-3 months in this size before I’ll have to get the next size up. Well worth the money!

Anastasia verified customer review of Disana Wool Pull-On CoverAnastasia verified customer review of Disana Wool Pull-On Cover
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