Disana Wool Pull-On - wool soaker

Disana Organic Merino Wool Diaper Cover Pictures on Babies

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orange disana wool on a baby  Softness everywhere is bigger than a plastic cover yet more comfortable for baby because it doesn't restrict movement like an overly tight one-size cover can.  It's looser, squishy-soft and so comfy and snuggly. Legs and waist are folded down.  Orange size 62-68.

Disana rose pink on a baby Rose size 62/68 a on 3 month old

Disana on a newborn baby wool diaper cover  Blue size 62/68 on a new baby

disana wool blue on baby

disana on a baby grey newborn 2.5 weeks old, 7.5 pounds in size 62-68, grey


9 pounds in disana wool 9 pounds in size 62-68, natural

Don't worry about the cord area. Pull the wool cover up over the cord and the soft waist area will be above it. Just like you put clothes on a baby with a cord stump, the wool cover goes over the cord just like other clothing does.

disana newborn wool pull on 7.5 weeks, 10.5 pounds, size 62-68

grey disana on a 1 week old baby 1 week old in grey size 62-68 blue on 6 pound 6 pounds in size 62-68, blue

Before washing grey grey washed 3-6 Grey size 62-68 size newborn (tag says 3-6 months) after has been used for a while. Wool changes over time and with use.

organic wool diaper cover


Baby can move in any direction with nothing binding. Just softness. You can see that it is a bit bulky under clothes. The next three pictures below show a fully prepped and broken-in (already has the shrinkage done) 98-104 on a 1 year old who is about 23 pounds. It's a bit big now, but it will fit for a long time. 

disana baby disana twist disana wool cover Soft and comfortable for mom to hold, too.

disana wool pull on Size small 74-80 on a young baby. It fits up high on the ribs which keeps baby's digestion area warm and doesn't bind or dig in at all in any position, unlike regular covers.  Since it fits down low to the knees, there are no red marks on the legs from too-tight leg bindings, yet you can see that it isn't going to be leaky at the legs.  Think of this as not only a diaper cover, but also as clothing.   I really like this big up-high-and-down-low-on-the-legs fit.  It is adorable, comfortable and practical.   

disana standing 7 months in size 74-80

You'd have to hold a baby with soft wool on to appreciate it. It's so soft and comfy! I just love these covers! Of course, some of her clothes won't fit over this, but that's a detail that can be worked out with some carefully selected outfits, or in some climates, baby might not even need anything but a little shirt and some booties or socks.

disana wool cover fits above the pants Disana fits above the top of her pants. This is wonderful for preventing the top of her pants from sinking down into the diaper area. Have I mentioned how comfy this cover is? Yes, it's really comfortable. This is size 74-80 over a medium Workhorse on a petite 7 month old. 


curry disana wool pull on diaper cover on a baby Curry size 62/68 on a 3 month old.

No bumps or bindings or anything. Just soft and comfy wool. No red marks with wool. Plenty of room inside to fit lots of cotton for plenty of absorbency which means no leaks during long sleeps.

disana newborn baby Size 62-68 on a 7 pound 14 ounce baby

small disana wool on 7 month old  Size 62-68

disana blue on baby age 9 months in size 86-92 with the top folded down

back of disana on 9 month old   disana small blue on 9 mo Blue (color selections change year to year) size 74-80 on a petite 9 month old who weighs about 15 pounds. See the medium Workhorse underneath.

disana wool cover cassis Cassis

disana 86 picture on a toddler  Size 98-104 on a toddler

Disana wool pull on bordeaux on a baby Disana pull-on on a toddler hazelnut Same size, 98-104 (tag 3-4 years).  Bordeaux is new and unfelted.  Hazenut brown is older, felted and broken in.  Age 32 months, 31 pounds.  Wool changes over time.  the hazlenut brown color has been discontinued.   

XL size Natural size 110-116 on a toddler. This one is still new and hasn't felted yet. It will shrink with more use.

wool soaker

Once properly broken in, lanolized if needed, and slightly felted, you never get leg or waist leaks out of this one because it has such high on the waist and low on the leg coverage. It will shrink up in the width. It will naturally felt with use, too.

Disana wool is the is purest! People with chemically sensitivities often are ok with Disana wool in natural even when other wools bother them. The standards for Disana wool are even purer than other pure wool projects. It is washed only in natural soap, but not detergent. The wool products produced by the Disana company are so nice. The quality of the wool is very high, and the quality of the workmanship and the product is also outstanding. Disana Double Knit Pull-On Wool Pant is a Green Mountain Diapers top pick!

disana green on baby

disana after washing This is what mine looks like after I hand wash it and hand felt it just the wet zone. Now it is ready to use. The pictures of the wide-looking ones that show the color choices are what they look like when brand new, right out of the package. But after proper preparation they will look like the this green one. They will continue to change and felt naturally with normal use. This is normal for knit merino wool. They don't have any elastic which is part of their natural beauty. Don't yank and pull on them. Pilling is normal for soft wool and is part of the character of this lovely, breathable natural fiber.

Green and royal blue have been discontinued.  Colorways change from year to year.

How does wool work? See it demonstrated:

Click the picture below to see wool work. 



The video shows the Disana Leggings but the wool cover works the in the same manner but even better because it is 2 layers. Wool resists moisture but the cotton absorbs moisture quickly. Then when the diaper is soaked and pressed onto the wool cover, the wool will become damp. That is great! The wool will take up the extra moisture INSTEAD of the moisture coming out and leaking. Then, just air out the wool and let it dry. It will be ready to use again soon and will air out to fresh. After a while (usually 1 week or several weeks or more depending on use, age of baby and how wet you let them get between diaper changes,) you hand wash it gently. It's easy.

Please note that they do shrink with use. Please use a good wool wash such as Babee Greens Wool Wash, Eucalan, Unicorn Fibre Wash (not Woolite or Ecover) or a bar soap such as Papoutsanis Olive Oil Soap, Sheepish Greens Unscented Lanolin Bar Soap or other gentle bar soap. Bar soap is usually less expensive than liquid. Bar soap lasts a long time because a little goes a long way. Bar soap is easy to use for spot cleaning, too.

Do not machine wash. Hand wash only with gentle wool wash. Do not dry them in a dryer. Press between two towels to remove excess moisture and lay flat to dry. They take about a day to dry depending on local humidity levels. Complete instructions will come with your purchase of wool from Green Mountain Diapers. It is easy and you do not need to wash often.

View our video of how to lanolize wool here. To wash wool, it's just the same but omit the lanolin.

hand wash your wool


    Sizing note - We don't agree with the labelled tag suggested ages, so wrote out below our own suggested pound ranges which we feel is more accurate in our experience, because of the normal and expected shrinkage of the wool. Notice the overlap of weights.

Size 50-56  in natural only, we suggest 6-11 pounds (tag says 0-3 months)

Size 62-68,  we suggest  6 - 13 pounds (tag says 3-6 months)

Size 74-80,   we suggest  11 - 18 pounds (tag says 6-12 months)

Size 86-92,   we suggest  17 - 26 pounds (tag says 12-24 months)

Size 98-104,  we suggest   21 - 35 pounds (tag says 3-4 years)

Size 110-116,  We suggest  30- 40+ pounds (tag says 5-6 years)

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