cloth diaper kit for newborn baby from day one
newborn baby diaper kit for cord healing

Day One and Repurpose Kit

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This kit is for a brand new baby for the cord healing time or first few weeks.  

Size:  4 to 9 pounds

This kit contains:

4 Cloth-eez Wraps size Zero  (waterproof outer part)

4 Cloth-eez Muslin Wipes packs of 12 (48 wipes total)

4 Cloth-eez Paper Towel Alternative Cloths packs of 12 (48 total) White or Natural Unbleached   (inner absorbency part)

You don't have to wait for the cord stump to fall off to start cloth diapering. You can start on Day One.  This setup works well during the cord healing time.   The kit savings is like getting diaper covers for free.  A great deal to get you started on your natural diapering journey.

The Paper Towel Alternative Cloths are used as the diapers. Use 1 or 2 of them in the Cloth-eez Wrap size zero.  

Muslin Wipes are the washable baby wipes, but also you can lay a muslin wipe over the "diaper" cloths as a washable liner for catching the meconium.  It is easy to hand wash out the meconium from the one-layer muslin wipe.  

You'll have 48 wipes which might be all the wipes you need all the way through potty learning.  Then, if they are still going, they can be repurposed to become washable tissues!  The muslin wipes can be used a tiny preemie diapers with the size zero wrap on the smallest setting.  

The Paper Towel Alternative Cloths are the diaper (inner absorbency part) that you place in the cover.  Use one at first but then quickly you will need more absorbency, so use two of them at once in the Wrap.  This is a very trim option. The size is great for this.   They are made of two layers of the same birdseye fabric that the Cloth-eez Birdseye Flat Diapers are made from, so the fabric really is cloth diaper fabric in the first place.

Then, after the Paper Towel Alternative Cloths are outgrown as diapers, you might trifold them as doublers or use as liners in any diaper at any age, but probably you will want tothem for use in the kitchen.  Don't use them for bacon grease and such things, but you can really save a lot of money by decreasing paper towel usage with these. How are these different than any other kitchen towel?  The smaller size is more practical and you can easily grab a fresh one very often.  Grabbing a fresh one means no yucky musty dishtowel smell.  It's cleaner overall to grab a fresh cloth. It's  convenient use this handy size, plus the fabric is the perfect texture. They don't even take up much space in the wash so that part is easy, too.  You will love these in our kitchen.

The big discount built in to this this kit is like getting 4 free diaper covers (it is set up that way on purpose). If you want to move up to using more reusables overall (and spending less at big box stores), then you want washable wipes and washable paper towel cloths anyhow.  So, this is a win-win and a fantastic way to cloth diaper your newborn baby.

It can be a good idea to also own a dozen novice prefolds, too. New babies grow quickly. Be ready with the next size on hand because before you know it baby will will be bigger.  Enjoy cloth diapering during your babymoon with this lovely little kit that fits a fresh new baby without bulk. Forget manipulating many snaps and folding down lots of extra fabric to try to make a diaper that also fits a toddler work for a newborn baby - that's just too much fabric, too frustrating and leak-prone since it doesn't actually fit correctly no matter how you snap it. This Size Zero Cloth-eez Wrap is a joy to have for the first days, the cord time and early weeks.  

Muslin wipes are only made in natural. 

Choose the white kit if your kitchen is white or cool grey. 

Choose the natural kit if your kitchen has warm tones. 

newborn baby diapers option

One Newborn prefolds are thicker (which means more absorbent) than one Paper Towel Alternative cloth.  Muslin Wipes are thin.  They are pretty close to each other for size.  It is possible to pin a Paper Towel alternative on a new baby which is very trim for the first week or so.  Add a Muslin Wipe to it to boost absorbency when needed. Then use two Paper Towel Alternative cloths at once which will equal the absorbency of the newborn orange edge prefold exactly at 2.2 ounces of cotton.   This kit provides so much flexibility in those early days to meet the unique needs of your baby, no matter what size baby turns out to be.  

Covers made in China, 100% polyester. Cotton items made in Pakistan, 100% cotton exclusive of trim.  Machine wash/dry.

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