Easy Care

Shop this collection if you are looking for cloth diapers that are the easiest to wash and dry.   Choose thinner items for easiest washing and drying.  Add a doubler  or a Size Half Birdseye Flat to get more absorbency as needed.  Choose 100% cotton.   Choose a system that does not have a waterproof layer sewn on - so that water can wash through the layers more easily. The fewer the layers, the easier it is wash and the faster it will dry.  Flats are the easiest to wash and prefolds are the next-easiest.  The fitted style has gathers that are thicker so the gathered areas take a little longer to dry than prefolds do.  The same is true for longevity.  Flats will outlast fitteds.  Easy to clean items end up being the most durable of the natural fiber items. Flat diapers are most economical way to diaper a baby but of course you do have to fold them.  Stinky diapers?  Ditch the microfiber inserts and switch to easy washing cotton.
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