Cloth-eez Paper Towel Alternative - White

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2-Layer birdseye washable, reusable paper towel alternative in white cotton.

Pack of 12.

Size: 13" x 13" before washing, about 12" x 12.5" inches after shrinkage.

Stock Status: In stock. Usually ships in 24 hours.   

Two layers of 100% cotton birdseye fabric sewn together with a center seam.

Pictures shown after washing. Birdseye fabric has little "birds" woven into the fabric. This is much smoother than terry fabric. Birdseye has a nice amount of "grippiness" to get stuff off with a balance of being smooth enough for softness. Two layers gives you the right level of thickness for absorbency, plus two layers of fabric helps them stay flatter. It gives them enough thickness so that it is easy to grab one. Single layer look-alikes curl up, stick together and are more difficult to handle. Having two layers of fabric makes them much better and easier to use. Paper towels can't compare to two layers of birdseye cotton.   Simple, yet so effective.  

They can also be used as preemie diapers or layered as newborn cotton diapers. 

We added a small seam across the wipe to help them keep their shape, yet cotton shrinkage will vary a bit of course.  Wash before using.   

Made of 100% cotton, exclusive of trim. Made in Pakistan. In packs of 12 wipes.  Bulk savings is available in a Kit which is 4 packs of 12 

cotton instead of paper towels Shown folded in half next to a roll of paper towels.   Unfolded they are comparable in size to a paper towel yet much more absorbent.  

paper towel alternative unpaper  Picture for size perspective. They are about the same size as paper towels, but they are 2 layers of birdseye cotton so they are more absorbent than a paper towel.   They feel so much nicer, too.   

Also available in unbleached organic.

unpaper towels White is on this page.

Go to Cloth-eez Paper Towel Alternative - unbleached organic cotton version. 

Bulk savings:  also available in a group of 4 packs as a Kit

compare baby wipes and paper towel alternative wipes

Comparison of various kinds and sizes of these and the baby wipes version.   They are the same fabric (choose white or unbleached organic) and construction (two layers with center seam), but different sizes.   Shown new in this picture, before normal cotton shrinkage. 

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Mokahanna S.
Texas Texas
So far , so, so good!

I bought these kinda knowing from friends they would be great. I only got non paper towels for myself to use. I was NOT going to try to enforce any changes with my family, especially with my teens & husband. I just began to use these & another much thinner kind I picked up from Walmart on my own. One day I saw my husband grab one from the basket on counter to wipe up a spill.. umm. ok dude.! lol . He told me he'd been using these "all the time now". I had no idea.. I asked him which ones he preferred & why.. He said this version instead of the other type (its more like a t shirt material) because they absorb way better. And he's totally right! They do absorb great. They wash up great as well. I will be purchasing more of these for sure! If youre on the fence, I say get these!. They make the transition to using less or no paper towels really easy.

United States United States
Best paper towel alternative

I have ordered these twice and they are the best paper towel alternative I've found. If they get too stained, they make amazing cleaning towels. I have tried 2 other paper towel alternative brands and these are not only more cost-effective but they hold more liquids and mess than the other brands I've tried. I keep them rolled up in a tin where our paper towel holder used to reside near the sink. I haven't bought paper towels in months and these are even great wet to clean up or wash things. Highly recommend !

Nina C.
Ohio Ohio
Second set I’ve purchased!

I keep these in my kitchen and use instead of a paper towel. They are lovely- and work so much better than a flimsy paper towel.

Arla M.
Colorado Colorado
Break the paper towel habit!

I love having a stack of these handy instead of reaching for a paper towel. A great way to help save our forests from wasteful, one use paper towels.

Katie C.
California California
In love

I was a bit hesitant to try these because I didn’t know if my family could adapt to using them. I decided to try some and so glad I did. They’re extremely soft and surprisingly absorbent. They look cute folded in a basket next to the sink. They’re instantly everyone’s favs for just about anything you’d use a paper towel for -including as napkins. I will be buying the full set soon! I bought the white color to differentiate easily from my diapers & wipes, which are all unbleached. Not that I wash together but it’s just easier to have that color difference! It’s an investment at first which is the hard part, but I figure I’ll save that amount on paper products by some point, and help the environment by reusing cotton instead of funding so much production of paper towels.

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