Ruskovilla long legs nappy pants
baby in wool long pants diaper cover

Ruskovilla Long Leg Nappy Pants

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 Woollen diaper pants are warm and breathable.  Use this as a diaper cover over an absorbent inner diaper or use as clothing. 

The long-legged nappy pants are available in four different sizes. Double-layered rib knit with smooth seams. The waist can be rolled up to adjust the size.  Use over an absorbent cotton diaper as a diaper cover or use as clothing.

Long legs style is especially nice because you don't need clothing over it. The diaper cover is also the clothing.  

Made out of 100% certified and breathable organic merino wool. Pure wool keeps you warm even when damp, neutralizes odors and doesn’t require frequent washing. Wool with no synthetics mixed in is also a fire-resistant material that returns to nature at the end of its life cycle.

Certified and mulesing-free organic merino wool comes from Argentina and Uruguay

The merino wool used is up to seven time finer than the wool from Finnish sheep and therefore feels pleasant against skin

Wool slightly shrinks in the first wash and this has been taken into consideration in the sizing

Wool becomes slightly softer in the first wash which adds to comfort. 

Made in Finland.

Use over an absorbent diaper such as Workhorse or a fastened prefold or flat diaper.   

baby in wool pants  baby in wool pants sitting

Notes from Karen:  Ruskovilla nappy pants are not thick. They are trim.  You can add the Ruskovilla booster to if as needed.  I love these for daytime when I'm keeping up with changes, but for overnight I tend to prefer thicker wool such as Disana Wool pull-on.   For trim daytime comfort though, these are fantastic. They don't restrict movement and all and the convenience of not needing clothing over this is really nice. It comes up really high  on baby's ribs, gently, so there is nothing digging in to baby's tummy when baby is in the sitting position.  This gives baby complete freedom of movement while still being covered enough to not get chilled.  These pants don't "fall in" to the absorbent diaper inside because they come up so high.  It's a very practical design and I think it's adorable.  

Don't expect any wool item to act like plastic.  Wool acts like wool.  It is different than polyester with TPU regular covers. The cotton diaper underneath absorbs first and faster than wool. The wool resists moisture at first but then eventually will absorb.  That means any overspill is taken up by the wool instead of baby's clothing or your clothing. Just change the cotton diaper underneath.  Wool allows air circulation, too.  It's not too hot and not too cool. It's just right. Wool is wonderful once you experience it and understand how it works.  Hand wash your lovely woolies. 

Is hand washing more work? Perhaps, yet I enjoy it.  Wool needs washing only infrequently. 

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