Ruskovilla nursing pad breast warmers
wool and silk breast pads

Ruskovilla Breast Warmers Wool and Silk

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Ruskovilla Breast Warmers pair made of wool and silk.

Size 20 cm, about 7.87 inches 

The purpose of these nursing pads is to help maintain natural body temperature and soothe skin. These are not for trying to prevent leakage although they will take up some minor leakage. They are thin and comfortable.  Soothing natural silk on one side and one layer of wool on the other.  No synthetic or disposable fiber can compare with the comfort of natural silk plus the breathability of merino wool.

You could use the soothing silk next to skin for the comfort and healing properties of them and put another pad over the outside for a moisture barrier layer if you need that. 

Silk is soothing and wool is breathable, absorbent and temperature-regulating. They do not have a waterproof layer.

Materials: Certified and mulesing-free organic merino wool from Argentina and Uruguay
Lining 100% organic silk

Production:  Hand-made and packed by Ruskovilla’s own professionals in Artjärvi Finland. The products are not finished with repellents harmful to humans or nature.

Hand wash. Lay flat to dry.  Do not lanolize. Made in Finland.

Notes from Karen:  Silk is a natural biocompatible material with humans and has had a role in medical treatments since ancient times. The silk worm protein comprises two types of proteins namely fibroin and sericin.  Research silk on your own to learn more.  Silk is also nice in the late stages of pregnancy when nipples may feel very sensitive to everything.  Silk is soothing and gentle and these are thin enough to look good under clothing. Some have called it "second skin". 

I think keeping the breasts warm and not letting the skin get chilled really makes a difference.  Keeping the feet warm really helps, too.  Chilled feet seems to go hand in hand with chilled breasts and it doesn't feel good to me. Perhaps it has to do with capillaries and blood flow but I don't know for sure.  I do know that for me, getting chilled doesn't feel good and it makes sense to me that nursing breasts should be kept warm and the soothing nature of silk is really nice.  They don't get hot and don't get sweaty.  They keep the temperature just right, but still, try to keep your feet warm, too.  

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