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Mother-ease One-Size Fitted Diaper

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The One Size Fitted Diaper was the very FIRST cloth diaper that Mother-ease set to manufacture - creating the first and most popular diaper that adjusts to grow with your child until potty training age. Time tested, and with only one size needed the One Size Fitted offers you the very best value. 

The generous design allows plenty of room for growth while using a gentle elastics around the waist and legs to ensure a comfortable leak-free fit. This has the most gentle leg opening design of all the fitted diapers. No serging, just softness. 


  • One Size - adjusts from 8 to 35 lbs
  • 13 oz (385 ml) absorbency
  • Gentle elastics around the waist + legs

Combine the One Size Fitted Diaper with Mother-ease Air Flow Covers for a complete leak-free diapering system all day long! For nights, Add one Snap-in-Absorbent Liner to boost your absorbency for  possibly 12+ hours.

Fitted Diapers require the use of a waterproof diaper cover. Mother-ease recommends using the Air Flow (snap).  

Note from Karen:  Yes, using the same-brand recommended diaper cover (Air-Flow Cover) over this really is best.  They are made to go together, which makes everything work better. This is a fantastic system, especially when you use the the matching parts together. This is especially important in the lower size range. Will other covers work? Some will - such as pull-on style covers and Disana Wool Pull-ons - but trim covers that are narrow at the sides won't work in the smaller size range, or won't work easily or well in the larger size range.


toddler girl in mother-ease diaper

About Mother-ease fabrics:

Mother-ease custom knit fabrics move wetness quickly, in order to obtain the highest absorbency, and release soil, making them easy to launder. You will not find these fabrics on a shelf at your local fabric store. The fabric has been extensively tested and is made with only the softest, most effective materials.

This custom knit fabric made specially for Mother-ease also means that they do not require multiple washes* to 'prep' them to become absorbent before you use them!

Fabric Content:

The Natural Cotton Terry is specially knit with only cotton touching your baby's delicate skin. 

Polyester is knit into the base of the fabric to provide strength, durability, and shrinkage control.

The polyester core lengthens the lifespan of the natural cotton fabric.

The result is a very stretchy, comfortable and reliable product.  

As you can see in the image below, polyester makes up the netted base of the fabric that the organic (or natural) cotton is woven through. You cannot see or feel this polyester core, it is just there to ensure your diapers last as long as you need them to.

mother-ease cotton fabric explained

This custom Mother-ease fabric is durable, soft and gives you the natural beauty of cotton along with the strength of the polyester base. It typically lasts longer than other 100% cotton fitted diapers.  Soft knit edges make it very comfy, too.

how to adjust cloth diaper graphic 

How to Adjust

Step 1:

Lay baby on top of the One Size fitted diaper, the top of the diaper (in the back) should be above their hips. Take the bottom of the cloth diaper and fold it over the crotch, to the umbilical cord/belly button.  

Note: If there are gaps around the baby's leg - shorten the rise by folding over the front of the diaper to expose a new row of female snaps. This folded over rise setting is needed for children from 8 pounds to approximately 20 pounds.

Step 2:

To ensure a snug, blowout-free fit, take the left tab and pull it over the front of the diaper, snapping both male snaps into the row of female snaps.

Step 3:

Snap the right tab (as above) and to finish, snap the Air Flow snap cover over top - this will contain all leaks and wetness!

For Night & Nap Time:
When your baby is no longer using the fold over rise system, snap the Snap in Absorbent Liner inside the diaper for added absorbency.

baby in one-size mother ease cloth diaper

Made of 82% cotton, 18% polyester.   Made in Canada.

Care: Machine wash 160° F, tumble dry medium, no bleach, do not iron, do not dry clean.

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