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Grab Bag

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Grab Bag # Seven contains: SOLD OUT

4 second quality organic unbleached prefolds size Medium,


1 slightly imperfect Thirsties Duo Wrap Snap size 2 Olive (limited edition color). The problem with the Duo Wrap is only the tag-the tag states size 1, but it is actually a size 2.

Prior Grab Bags - SOLD OUT

Grab Bag # Six: 4 second quality classic white XL prefolds and 1 second quality Cloth-eez Wrap size 3. The problem with the cover is that the tag reads "size zero".  It is actually a size three. SOLD OUT

Grab Bag # Five:6 second quality unbleached (not organic) prefolds size Small (two have no tags), and1 slightly imperfect Thirsties Diaper Cover Hook/Loop size Small Shark Fin grey (almost imperceptible -wouldn’t show in photo so we didn’t try- dirty spots on side of bum. New, just slightly stained-may or may not wash out). SOLD OUT

 Grab Bag # Four 6 second quality unbleached (not organic) Large prefolds and 1 slightly imperfect Thirsties Duo Wrap snap size 2 Olive. The flaw in the Duo Wrap is the sewn-in tag only-it reads size 1 but the cover is actually size 2. SOLD OUT

 Grab Bag # Three: Disana Melange Merino Wool Jumper - size 74/80 (6-12 months) with button. This item has some places on the back with rubbed threads caused by the cardboard hang tags. No holes, just rubbed (early felting) yarns. The front and arms are lovely and perfect.  SOLD OUT

Grab Bag # Two: 4 second quality classic white prefolds size Medium, 2 second quality organic white prefolds size Medium, 1 slightly imperfect Thirsties Duo Wrap size 2 Snap Mountain Twilight (pulled thread in front near snap)  SOLD OUT